May 17th, 2005

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OK, I asked this a few days ago, and I *really* need an answer. I need to know the longterm treatment of a gunshot wound to the leg. The character in question is currently in a wheelchair, but I'm really going to need to know how long she needs to stay there, when she can walk on it, how it would affect her movement, things like that.

And that's *leg*. Last time I asked, I only got links to treatment of *torso* wounds.
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Insults for guitarists?

Can anyone tell me a good (mildly or severely) derogatory name for a musician, or specifically a guitarist? In Polish I'd use szarpidrut, literally string-puller, but I'm stumped for an American English equivalent. EDIT: I need this for a description of a room, and I don't want to say "there was a guitarist tuning his guitar by the wall", but convey the speaker's contempt for the profession.

If it helps, the speaker is Paul Smecker from Boondock Saints, and the guitarist in question is played by Antonio Banderas ^_^

EDIT: Thanks everyone - I went with axe-basher. Results available here if anyone's interested :)

Better Living in Prague?

Apologies if this is the wrong sort of question to ask. Please delete if so.

I've looked up plenty of pictures, but I don't really know how to figure this out -

A person's family has lived in Prague for some time. They're really wealthy - not new, but old money. Would they live in one of those old, old houses in the city, the tall fancy brick ones? Would they live in spiffy modern apartments? Or would they live in the countryside? Or some other place?

Thank you in advance.
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Few questions, very different

Off work at mo to recover from ver minor surgery but need to know a few details for fics, i'm very very bored.

1) If someone is being held against a wall, his feet not touching the floor with someones hands (very strong person) around their neck, how long before they pass out and what kind of bruising will they have?

2) What is the normal feeling after birth (pain jokes aside)? Directly after and a few days to a week later? I know fatigue would be the main one but i was wondering about the others.

3) In the UK we have the NHS to pay for most treatments especially emergency ones, a friend of mine told me to check how the situation went in the USA. She said something about medical insurance, i knew there was no NHS but i didn't really think more after that and i need to know, specifically what would happen if a teenager was brought in repeatedly during his teenage years.
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