May 15th, 2005

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Horse-drawn carriages

Hi. I checked the rules and I do want to assure you that I've Googled this and looked elsewhere but there seems to be a dearth on the information. It's a little thing IMO, but important: for a carriage not intended to carry bulk (in a feudal type society) but rather to travel distances and ferry/collect some small packages, how many horses would you need?
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Mathamatical and Latin

Basic setup of an idea. My main character is a technomage. Literally. In this case, magic works as a combination of mathamatical formula and force of will. Kinda like Alchemy in FMA, but without the circles or the need for intense amounts of study.

So how does one speak mathamatical formula? This is a language built almost entirely out of spoken mathamatical symbols and Latin for objects.

For example. if he wanted to make a computer chip out of sand and gold, how might it work?

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Basic: Studying

Angels and Saints, oh my

All right. I have two questions. One, provided they were lighter than normal humans (think bird-like skeletal structure), could angels fly? Not actual angels, really, but I'm coming up with a world that has human-shaped people with wings. I've been looking over the 'net and all I can really find out is that a hang glider wing span is generally between 30 and 50 feet. Would that mean that the wings of the angel-like being would have to be the same proportion? What about weight distribution when it comes to the legs?

Also, and this is for my sister, would anyone know where I could find if there's a symbol for the patron saint of vampire attacks, St. Marcel of Paris? Apparently, he's a real saint, but I can't find more than a few passing references to him, let alone his symbol. I've tried looking up his name (hard, since there's more than one St. Marcel. I've even tried going to the Vatican website. Interesting, surely, what with the new pope, but not what I'm looking for. Any help on either of my questions would be greatly appreciated.
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Naming amnesia patient in UK

Okay. I can google for what drugs might be given an amnesiac in England, but I can't figure out what to ask for this question.

I have an 18 year old male with various wounds (abrasions, deep cuts, bruises, ground in dirt, torn clothes, I don't think broken bones) found unconscious in Scotland. When he wakes up in hospital he doesn't remember anything. Not his name, not his history, nothing.

He persists in not remembering anything, and after a while he's physically healed. He's also been Counselled for hours and hours - still no memories.

Who would *name* him? How would he get a job? He can dress himself and do maths and suchlike, so he could be Placed (does the Dole work that way?) in some sort of job... But mainly, how would he get a name?

Thanks muchly,

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Validity of catholic marriage

So, my friend the walking Enscylopedia Catholica is away so have to come to you for this rather bizarre question.

Now, I have a character who is your average reasonably good catholic guy. and he wants to marry a nice catholic girl. Only, the problem?JHe is currently undercover with a drug cartel with an assumed name and identity. Now, if he married the girl under the identity with all he catholic bells and whistles, would the marriage be valid? I am assuming not, but I would like for confirmation on this. and, if there is any other way for them to make the marriage valid other than getting married again :)