May 13th, 2005

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Cats and France

I just have another couple of questions right now...

What sort of stereotypical name would a French person name their cat? You know, like cats in the UK are Blackie or Tiddles etc.

And are there any superstitions in France relating to the colour of a cat? I tried Google. All it came up with was this odd bit of information about not carrying cats across streets.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: Thanks everyone. I guessed that pure black would be the unlucky colour - thanks for confirming it.
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travel by bus

Can anyone give me an idea of approximately how long it would take to get from Minneapolis to New York City by bus? Perhaps more importantly, is that even possible?

I did try to figure it out on my own, but my math didn't even come close to succeeding. I'm fairly certain we're talking days, but beyond that I can't figure. Any help would be appreciated.

Two questions, one story

The questions themselves are unrelated, but since they're for the same story I'm glomming them together.

1) About how long would it take to drive from Malibu to Everett, Washington? Two men, spelling each other on the driving, newish American-made truck, minimal stops for food/gas/bathroom, leaving Malibu around 5AM, taking the fastest possible route. Also, this is assuming that the fictional city of Cascade (from the show The Sentinel) is being put in the place of Everett; it seems to make sense but it can be changed if I've missed something that would make that impossible.

2) A character (original) has a dog that is half Black Lab, half wolf. What would it look like?

(no subject)

Okay, this isn't exactly something I can Google, so I figured I'd try here. Say everybody on the planet just up and vanished at the same time. But when they disappeared, they left on all of their TVs, all of their appliances, etc. Approximately how long before all of the electrical equipment stopped working? Obviously, it wouldn't immediately stop, but it wouldn't gone on forever, either, and I can't figure out how long it would take.
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Dead hand!

I need a disorder that could happen to a fairly young man that would paralyse one arm, below the elbow, only. I don't actually know if this is even possible, but I thought some sort of nerve disorder might do the trick...unfortunately, I'm not coming up with much, as there are a LOT of nerve disorders.

Suggestions don't need to be too detailed--I can google, I just need somewhere to start :). Thanks!