May 11th, 2005

  • thule_

More about "vampires"

I have these two kids who bond in a vampire-inspired ritual. A part of this would naturally be to mix or drink blood, but because one of them has a blood born decease (Hepatitis C), this is not possible. Instead, I want them to fill a small vial with blood and give each other.

My questions:

1. where is the best place to draw blood as painless and risque-free as possible when you have absolutely no clue about veins and arteries, and your only equipments are needles and scalpels.

2. is there any way to prevent coagulation? Will mixing gin or another clear alcohol be enough, or do you need special things?
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Delicate question - Mexican sexual mores

I have a character, an adult man, I intend to have have sex with a pair of young (willing) girls from a small town in Mexico in a fairly rural area. When this is found out he gets ordered out of town by a priest. What I need to know is, what ages should I make these girls in order to engender sufficient ire on the part of the priest, but not enough ire to get my character lynched by the townsfolk and labeled a pedophile.

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