May 10th, 2005

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gunshot wounds

I'm looking for a gunshot wound that would work in this context:

Character is shot by someone who is trying to kill him. He doesn't die and no permanent damage is done. He's in the hospital a few days at most, and after he's released he's able to pretend that the bullet missed completely--he can walk to his classes, take notes, and do his homework. The wound is somewhere under his clothes.

However, the wound has to severely impair his ability to fight and react quickly to things by shooting things for as long as possible. (Making it difficult to draw quickly is enough.) It's okay if pretending to be unhurt is painful or implausible (but not impossible), because this character is an especially tough and stubborn bastard in canon.

The gun was a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Can't give the exact gun, since this is the future and they don't use our guns. I'll probably be making something up.

Hope that makes sense. Poke me if I've left any important info out.

* Suggestions for type of wound?
* Information on the healing process and how long it will take?

Edit: Thanks for your input, guys. I think I'd like to use a wound to his left shoulder, as per dulcinbradbury. What I really need to know now is where, precisely, would be the best spot for the bullet to travel through, and how it would heal. I've looked at some of the links that were posted recently but they're not specific enough or cover injuries more deadly than I'm going for here.
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Cuba questions

Predominantly questions for people who've been to both America and Cuba, but anyone with knowledge of Cuba can answer some of it.

What would an American notice about being in Cuba?
Is the architecture different? What's notable about it?
What sort of foods are popular in Cuba?
Are people friendly or standoff-ish and business-like to strangers?
What's the likely reaction an American would get from the general population he runs into?

(Side note: Thanks for the answers to my last question on cars and sandcastles. I've finally finished the story I used the information in, and it's off to beta.)
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Injures and treatment.

I have no idea how to google this, and this community is so awesome, so I'll give it a go here.

A character in my novel had a backhistory with a scar on her stomach below her naval aquired in a battle when she was sliced open by a sword. According to the backstory story, she passed out on the field of battle and was later rescued by a healer who used magic to heal her. The importance of the injury is that she has a near-death experience but survives. This incident is also blamed for her infertility, though it may or may not be the cause.

Well, I'd like to know more about this backstory injury, as eventually I intend on writing the backstory.

Can someone tell me about the kinds of things that might happen with an injury like this that are survivable, and whether or not it is likely to actually affect her ability to concieve or it comes from health being a mystery? What kind of medical procedure would have been used on her injury in a medieval or rennaisance medical society? (Magic aside). Stitching her back together and hoping for the best? What are the likely complications? How long would you have to lie around waiting to recover?
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Motorcycle Accidents/Adoption

This is for a character that I'm creating for an RPG...but I have a few questions about it.

Question 1-Character was born in Samoa post-WWII. Would there be any possibility of an American couple adopting a half Samoan/half white child in the late 50s? Dad's a WWII vet, so he wanted to adopt an international child. I've Googled it, but haven't come up with a good source.

Question 2-Character is fairly rough until he got into a rather bad accident on his motorcycle. Is the possibility of him hitting a passenger vehicle with enough force to sustain injury without being fully crippling (ie legs having to be amputated) too far out to be believeable?
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What are some of the sayings and slang of the western era of the USA. I'm talking cowboys and indians(native americans) here. I'm searching for insults, jokes and common phrases that the cowboys and indians would be using. Thanks!
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Occupied France

I've been gearing up to post this for ages. I finally made a list of questions I would like the answers to; I'm writing a story that takes place in Occupied France. France was occupied from June 1940-August 1944 by the Nazis, as I'm sure you all know. Here are my questions (and I'll probably be posting a load more later); I can't continue my narrative - I've already got the plot worked out - until I have answers to them.

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks everyone!

I've added this entry to my memories so if anyone else decides to reply, I'll read the replies. I really love this community.
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