May 9th, 2005

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Warrantless searches of rented property

If the police cannot establish probable cause for a warrant to search a person's hotel room, can they legally be granted permission to search by the hotel instead? In this case, it won't be necessary to search any of the suspect's actual personal property; they'll be searching the bathtub, which is technically hotel property, for traces of blood.
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New member with questions!!! *waves*

I have a plot bunny burning in my brain. I heard an old song the other day, and since then, I can't stop plotting.

But I need some info :)

How much snow is a blizzard? At what point would it become too dangerous to venture out?

In the mountainous regions of Idaho, in what month would a storm classified as "an early winter storm" occur?

Would the potential of volcanic activity in Yellowstone or the WA mountains affect Idaho weather?

How long would it take for a REALLY rural area to regain power after a major storm?

Any and all thoughts, feel free to toss them my way!! It's all percolating! :)

Edited to specify: Rural Idaho. Far away from a city.
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First post - trees!

Anyone have any good links for the symbolism of trees? I have no idea if that's going to make any sense to anyone else, so to clarify, in different cultures, what did people think trees stood for, or represented? I googled this, but most of the sites I found either only had information on a few trees or had a lot of kinds of trees but very little information on each.

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Hi there!

I'm so glad I found this community on a friend's LJ info. I hope you can help me out with my questions. ^^
I'm currently writing a fanfiction based on a canon scene.

1. How much ammunition does an Ingram M10 submachine gun have. I tried to find a website providing infomation on weapons both in my native language and in English. I was not very lucky, so to speak. I only found a Russian site and that I can't even read...
I also need to know about the shooting range and what else there is to consider when firing such a gun repeatedly, such as repercussions, misifiring etc.

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Thank you in advance. :)
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OK, so an RP I'm in, my character got shot in the leg. Basically a lot of muscle damage more than anything else. What sort of recovery time are we looking at here? Any physical therapy? What types of treatment?
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Contraception in the 20s

Pretty much what it says on the tin. What sort of contraception was available in the 1920s in the UK? Was it just condoms? And where would they be available? I'm guessing a chemist would sell them over the counter, so a guy could walk in and buy them, but would a woman even try, or be allowed to buy condoms back then?

I've read this community a lot and replied a few times but this is my first question. Thanks in advance.
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Hearing loss and musicians

I have a character who is the co-frontman of a rock band and also plays guitar. As a child, he was very gifted musically and could play at least 3 different musical instruments by the age of 7. When he was 9 yrs old, he had an accident involving explosives and it severely damaged his hearing. In one ear, he can't hear sounds above a certain frequency, and in the other, he has 30% hearing loss. So, first of all, is that type of hearing damage plauisble? I googled and googled for information on traumatic hearing loss and I think that type of damage is accurate for hearing loss due to trauma, but I want to be certain. If it's not accurate, I can change it. And, my most pressing question, would it be plausible for someone with that kind of hearing loss to still be able to play guitar and sing in a rock band? Also, musicians wear in-ear monitors during the show, so if my character is hearing impaired, how would that work? I know someone who is the stage manager and monitor guy for a band, but they're on tour right now, so I can't ask him :P (I'm not sure if he'd know the answer anyway.)

Thanks in advance!
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