May 7th, 2005


I've been looking everywhere for this and haven't had any luck yet so I figured I'd try here.

In something I'm working on I want to incorporate a myth about a particular bear. Only problem is I don't remember the myth or where it's from. I'm fairly certain the bear's name is Celeste but haven't been able to find any sort of information to even tell my if I'm right or now. At this point any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Undead childrens

Haha oh man. I have the most FASCINATING STORYLINES.

Okay. Let's say this is not totally impossible in this world setting. A woman is impregnated by a dead thing. Rather an UNdead thing. Zombielike in nature, if you will.

Now, ah...the child would, itself, be undead as well. Which I know really makes no sense, to have a developing child be decompository in nature.

ANYWAY. Like I said, pretend it's possible. It's MAJIK.

The effects of her carrying this child would, I assume, be extremely similar to the effects of a woman who'd miscarried without the fetus purging itself. That is, a septic pregnancy, wherein something is literally ROTTING inside of you.

I'm not horribly familiar with the septic miscarriage. I know it's an infection-like reaction, accompanied by vomiting in most cases, high fever, etc, and can eventually cause death if untreated long enough. I can look up the symptoms in the handy-dandy RN Mother (TM).

I wonder though if this is entirely plausible. My plan is to have her die because of carrying this child. How long do you think it would take? What do you think the long-term signs of her...uh...condition...would be? That is, outward changes to her overall appearance, and general symptoms of the illness. All of this is assuming that she gets no treatment of any sort. Would she die before she realized she were pregnant? Or would it be a...very much slower process?

Any and all comments you may have are welcome. Even if all you've got is just a "Wow that's really WEIRD wtf are you writing," hahaha.

parking lots for horses? I doubt it... so...

In a typical/basic/cliche/whatever medieval/fantasy town setting, what did travelers do with their horses when they decided to go through town on foot? I'm not sure how things went in the medieval times or how authors handled it in other books. Is there usually some kind of public stables for people to pay to keep the animals cared for while they're staying, or what?

Thanks in advance for your prompt and helpful replies.
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