May 6th, 2005

other: swatkat

desert survival

I need my characters to end up in the middle of a desert after a plane crash. (why do I have such bizarre plotbunnies? *facepalm*) I've been researching on all the deserts of the world, trying to figure out which suits me best - the USA and the Indian sub-continent are out of question because the plane would immediately be spotted and the characters would quite likely be rescued very soon because they're from a rather high-priority military organisation. Same with Australia. China is out of the question because it would be hostile/semi-hostile territory, and the plane would be spotted very soon. That leaves me with Africa and the Arabian Desert. But I'm getting stuck after a certain point, because no matter how much I research, I don't seem to be getting information on the following (maybe I'm not looking at the right places):
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Any information, suggestions will really be helpful. *g*
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