May 5th, 2005

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If a young woman were to have sex after being starved for several days, would it even be at all possible for her to become pregnant? I'm unsure whether or not this would make a difference, but the character is not anorexic and has eaten well prior to this incident.

** I tried Google, but I couldn't find a direct answer. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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Flight question.

How high could an average human go up (in the sky, in a plane, whatever) before they couldn't breathe? How many miles or feet? The character in question is a mutant, marvel style, so it's not exactly something I can easily google. Any estimates would be wonderful. :)
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Impalement! General healing of wounds.

Okay so I got a knight who got impaled by, uh, a metal broomstick. Interesting story, actually. But that aside, I need a healing timeframe for him.

It didn't go all the way through, but it did go rather deep. No vital organs were hit. Non-vital organs may have been hit, as there are quite a few of both in the stomach region, but I never exactly go into the details of the injury, so that's up for...whatever.

Obviously, he lives, with no comatose period or anything like that, if that gives you a frame of reference for how seriously wounded he was.

ANYWAY what's the time frame I should be looking at here for a recovery? He's a young (24) soldier, so he's pretty fit, good health and all that, and we do have the aid of priestly magic so timeframes can be fudged a little.
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Injuries that cause one to vomit blood

YEAH second post in a day. GO. ME.

Situation! A squad of four soldiers, sent to a place chock full of undead baddies, to retreive something, eh, that the king apparently needs.

A REALLY big baddie shows up and starts wailin' on this quartet. One of them manages to sneak through and grab the thing they've come to get while the others wail back on their ninja guitars. I mean, on the monster. (Not ninjas. Really.)

After all is said and done and the action dies down, one of said soldiers starts vomiting blood and will die in fairly short order. I mean...vomiting blood, not like, wimpy spitting blood because you bit your tongue off stuff.

But I need an injury that can cause this to happen, while going fairly unnoticed in the adrenaline rush of battle. Therefore, I am thinking, massive stab wounds are out, as the char would be more likely to notice those and collapse before the battle ended or something. But I need something specific so I can make it believable, even if I don't describe specifics. Know more than you're saying, you know?
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Facial Hair Growth Rate

Okay men I need your help. On average how fast would it take for you to grow facial hair like in the icon? Two or three days or longer. I know it's different for everyone, just in general what do you think? Does it itch?

Sorry guys, it's just that I'm a female and have no clue about the whole goatee thing. If that's even what that's called.

Pedestrian vs. Car, foot injuries, and other things

A few questions...

1)Character A is in a car and he sees Character B crossing the street. He wants to hit Character B and pissobly kill her, but make it look like an accident. But at the last second, Character C pushes Character B out of the way, and Character C ends up getting hit instead. This surprises Character A because it wasn't the person he meant to hit, so he slams on the brakes. Anyway, I don't want Character C to die, but I want his injuries to be severe enough to land him in the ICU for a while. So, about how fast could a car be going and hit someone without necessarily killing them? And what sorts of injuries would someone sustain after being hit by a car? I know he'd have lower leg injuries, but what else?

2) In the same story, Character A shoots Character D in the foot on purpose to show that he isn't screwing around. How long would Character D be in the hospital for a GSW to the foot and how would it be treated? Also, Character D had been reported kidnapped, but then he shows up at the hospital with a GSW to the foot the next day. I assume the police would be called immediately. Would the doctors and nurses, though, want to treat him first before they let the police talk to him? And what would police procedure be in this kind of a situation, especially since there is another person still missing and Character D is the only person who knows where she is? (The police know Character A took her but they don't know where he is or where he took her.)



For #2, the gun used is just your run-of-the-mill 9mm handgun.
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Questions Japanese Culture

Ok, here's the thing:

The setting is Japan. A mother converts into Catholicism along with her son. She was the one that causes him to join. The son likes being a Catholic. Would they be looked down upon or treated differently overall in society? What about the workforce? If the son got confirmed, would he get a Christian name? Is this situation even possible over there? How abundant are Catholic churches there in Japan? (Note: The parents are divorced, because she converted.)

Also, I've been searching really hard for the first man's name in Japanese mythology. I finally found two names, but I'm not sure which one is the correct one. Is the correct name for the first man Izanaki or Izanagi? Thanks for the help.
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Gangs/Drug Dealing

I have an NPC who is in a sitution where he would most likely turn to drugs and being in a gang because he doesn't want to work and sees dealing as a good way to score some cash. (Even though he would probably never do drugs himself -- he's a little hung up on his body and stuff.) I've lived in a poor neighborhood, but never really "inner city"... so... does anyone know what it's *really* like to be a dealer or member of a gang? What if your single mother had things the other kids didn't have? Would your house be a party place or have everything stolen (or both!)?

Thanks in Advance!