May 4th, 2005

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I have a rather complicated question for all of you.

In a book I’m writing, there is a society ruled by a goddess with six other brothers and no sisters. When she inherited the land, she made her society extremely radical towards men. Women marry each other, and men are only there to perform servile tasks, enter the priesthood and procreate. The women choose the men for procreation completely arbitrarily, and the offspring from such a union are usually female, caused by interference by the goddess.

In a short story I’m writing to get a better grasp on this land, I want to have a men’s lib group trying to obtain more rights for men. In the end, I want something to go horribly wrong so that they get nearly shut down, though not enough to stop the movement entirely.

What I’d like to know, is how these men would best go about trying to get noticed, but not shut down immediately. It’s a fairly small group of people, and would not consist of only men; there would be a few women who see the problem with this society. Given that they’re men, they wouldn’t follow the same guidelines that women’s lib did, though I’m just guessing.

So, given that they’re men and think differently than women, what type of things would they most likely try doing to get noticed?

Any other random bits of information that you can think of to make this society better are also welcome.