May 2nd, 2005

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Designer jewelry; prices

(yes, my google-fu is weask. I also can't tell one designer from another)

Basically, I am trying to figure out some basic prices for designer jewelry; in this case, the designer would eb of the "stars wear his tings to the Oscars" class of a designer. How much would this sort of "prestige tax" add to the price tag? How much would, for example, a pair of smallish, UNIQUE silver earrings cost?

Any help would be appreciated :)
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*coughs sheepishly* Please try not to laugh too hard at this one...

...but would a dog (a west highland terrier, to be precise) eat tuna if it were placed in front of him?
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Falling off a cliff. Ouch. And opium as anodyne.

I've Wikipedia'd, Google'd, and medical site'd my butt off. I got some nice images that will never leave my head, but no firm answers.

I have a woman, who has fallen from quite a height. Roughly 150 feet. Now, the girl lands on an jutting girder. Broadside. So we're going to put her fall at about 100-120 feet. She manages to grab a few holds on the way down, but ultimately she hits bottom. I realize she's going to have some serious damage. But she needs to survive.

I need information that would somehow make it possible for her to survive a fall like that. Also, she kind of needs to have the minimal amount of damage because she's a wanted criminal. So hospitals are out of the question. She's not going to be wandering away from the fall, but she needs to be well enough off that she could lay down there for several hours before her partner in crime finds her.

What kind of IMMEDIATE medical help will she require, and how much of that could be provided by said partner, who has minimal medical training?

Also, opium. Is it passable as a sedative/painkiller/anesthetic? Procuring it is a non-issue, so how much would a non-lethal, basically safe (as in it won't kill her out right) dose be?
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Stargate earpieces...

So, every once in a while when I watch Stargate: SG-1 (or, more often when I watch Atlantis), I wonder how the little earpieces they have work/if they actually exist out here in the real world. Considering the show is pretty good at realism, I'm thinking they do exist.

My two biggest questions: 1) How do the earpieces turn on and off? and 2) Is there any privacy setting? Can one person talk to another person without everyone hearing?

Thanks for anything you have to offer. :-)

Two completely unrelated questions

1. Does anyone know of a good resource for basic information about herding sheep with dogs? Not how to train the dogs, just what some of the commands and procedures of the actual herding are.

2. (this is really just speculation) What dietary modifications would you suggest from someone who has a symbiotic plant living off her blood supply? I've already got her on an iron-rich diet to keep her blood production up.