May 1st, 2005

Sister Death

A Day's Work

In America in 1902, what would be the averages wages for say, a blacksmith or carpenter? Either weekly or yearly would be helpful. The region need not be specific.

(Actually, if anyone knows of a website that contains this sort of general wage information for various points in history, it might be useful to many people on the board, since I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. I know there must be such a site somewhere, but be darned if I could find it.)

how happy is the blameless vestal's lot


What kind of monkeys live in India? My main character has a pet monkey that her older brother brought back for her--I need something small.

eta: also, this is the 1800's and yes, I was inspired by The Grand Sophy. She would have had a parrot(sp?) but all her birds have met untimely deaths.
and such a long journey, the heart expands to claim this world, bring me that horizon, anywhere but here, I need things on a grander scale

Strong, cheap drinks?

I've got a character who's pretty much an alcoholic. I'm looking for something for him to order that's simple, cheap and strong. He wouldn't want anything complicated or flashy- just a good old-fashioned drink that'd get you wasted quick and easy.

What might he drink?

ETA: I suppose I should mention that he's a mid-twenties, West Coast American, and probably less inclined to wine coolers or other bottled mixed drinks than he would be to things he could make himself with a few ingredients.
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Driving jobs for teenagers in twos.

What's a job for two teenagers that involves a lot of driving and can possibly be done together? Characters in question are 17 & 19, one male and one female, and have some pretty normal work experience. They live around New York, and.. Well, that's it. :D Realism can be tweaked a little bit depending on the circumstance, but yeah. Any help is much loved. Thanks in advance.

Emergency room hypothetical

Let's say that a couple of adults come in a private car to a typical American hospital emergency room. One of them has had the shit kicked out of him in a major way. He's alive and conscious, but only just barely. Would the hospital staff accept “He, um, he got into a fight. No, we don’t want to press charges” as enough of an explanation that there wouldn’t be any awkward questions, or would they want/be obligated to dig deeper into the situation or contact the police, anything like that?
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Oooookay. Chevron...with TECHRON! My question is...what exactly is this mysterious "Techron" put into the Chevron processed gasoline? Could you possibly make Chevron...WITHOUT Techron?

It boggles the mind.