April 29th, 2005


Non-Jews at Temples

Okay, I have two male roomates.
One's religion is Reform Judaism, the other doesn't have any specific religion, but sometimes goes to Temple with his roomate.
Is this allowed in real life? The character in question later thinks about converting to Reform Judaism.

Russian cultural tidbits?

Little Russian traditions/culturesnacks? Especially archaic ones, or ones pertaining to teenage girls and women? From anywhere in Russia/USSR area. I'm not looking for huge, generalized things. Just little things, so I can give my descriptions the air of authencitity.

(Ex: Something like the way the Japanese take off their shoes at the door... only... about Russians, not Japanese. ^^;;)

Name Voyager -- Searchable index of names by popularity

This website was linked to on a message board that I frequent. You can type in the first few letters of a name and get the popularity (via shaded line graph) of names begining with those letters by decade and by sex. An invaluable resources if you're a writer, aspiring or otherwise. Should be a good way of avoiding 19th century women named Madison or Mackenzie. It goes back to 1900 and is Amerocentric.
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