April 28th, 2005


Water bourne diseases

What kind of diseases could you catch from drinking or washing in contaminated water? Preferably water that's had a dead body dumped in it. It needs to be something that causes a high fever, but other symptoms are negotiable. I'd also like it to be non-fatal. Right now I think typhoid fever is my best option but I'd welcome other ideas.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any catacombs in Rome that are located in an area where they might be within sight of businesses/banks? And if so, would the entrance to the catacombs be open to the outside?

Removal of eyeballs

I'm presently writing a rather...well, rather morbid story.

As the subject implies, I'm looking for ways you could remove a human eye from the socket. Preferrably with a knife, but that can easily be changed. I'm also in a setting where magic can be used, but it should be kept to the bare minimum and I'd rather not use it for this.

I tried googling several different things, but most just gave me anatomy of the human eye and contact lens instructions.

Thank you in advance. :D You people are bloody geniuses.
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