April 27th, 2005


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Here through linguaphiles, though I've been looking for a community like this one for a long, long time.

In Oslo's Nasjonalgalleriet there is a painting, or rather a huge painted collage, whose title was translated as "Madonna removes her halo I". I don't know who the artist is, or when it was painted. It's black-on-blue "snapshots" of WWI with the figure of a stylized woman lounging sickly on the ground.

Does anyone know the name of the artist and whether I can find a picture online?

ETA: It's not Munch's Madonna. *smile*
abfab whatever sweetie

New York liquor laws

So, I'm writing a story based in New York and it occurred to me a little late that I know nearly nothing about New York except that it has some tall buildings.

Then I figured I could fake most of it, except the part where the liquor laws come into play.

The question is: Do you have to be 21 to get into ALL places that serve liquor? For instance, I think in some states live music venues allow minors on the premises, and you just get ID-ed when you order a drink. Also, what about working in a place that serves liquor?

My character is 18. So if it's illegal, he's going to have to lie his ass off, and I'll work it into the plot if it kills me. If it's legal, I will be able to save myself a whole lot of headache.