April 26th, 2005

Red Sag

Restaurants in LA

Hey, I am again asking about Los Angeles-related stuff.

I need a ritzy restaurant for my characters to go celebrate a birthday to; five-star, celebrity-attracting kind of place, the sort where you need reservations months in advance.

there are also two other requirrements: No sushi, and a chance for dessert with strawberries.

I have tried googling, but my Google-fu is weak and I seem to be unable to find aything i can use :/

EDIT: The story is set in 2003
Illustmaker me

19th Century Optometry practices

I have a character in 1858 who needs to get eyeglasses. (He's based in London.) I've been able to find styles that were common, and the price at least in U.S. terms ($2.75), so if I can't find the British price, I can at least fudge it with a reasonable range of guesses. What I can't find is the process for getting them. Would the patient have had an exam and a prescription, or were they more or less just magnifying glasses that people tried on off the rack? If there was an exam, what would it consist of?

Judaic terminology

Is there a specific word a rabbi would use to refer to a member of his congregation? I'm looking for something that might be analogous to "parishoner."

Also, is "congregation" an appropriate word?

ETA: Hey all, thanks for the input! I'm not 100% on the details of the character's background (it's fanfic), so I'm going to go with "congregant" unless the need for something else arises.