April 25th, 2005

Franz Ferdinand is love.
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Okay, I don't know exactly how to ask this, but are there, or were in the past, special things that brothers did? Rituals, celebrations, tests, whatever?
Are there any good fairytales about brothers? Fables? Myths?

My story has a strong theme of corruption and brotherhood, and I was hoping that there'd be something out there that could help me.
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Perfectly framed crotch

Crossdressing- hips?

Some females have pretty generous hips. It's possible to chest-bind (even if you're fairly large) and present a reasonably believable portrait of a man, but what of the hips?

Is there any way for females crossdressing as males to disguise those huge curvaceous plagues so that they appear less...female? Or are they stuck just having to wear baggy jeans and large shirts to present the optical illusion of not having hips as wide as their usually-not-so-broad shoulders?

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Okay, a company has one branch based in a town which is pretty much wiped out, possibly by natural causes, possibly by terrorist action. What happens to it on the stock market? What about shareholders who've been killed together with their next-of-kin; what would happen to their shares?