April 24th, 2005

Medieval(esque) land use and distances

Hi. First time poster, wonderful community, yada yada... [g]
I'm trying to figure out dimensions for a valley for an original fantasy story I'm working on (in addition to any other information anyone wants to throw in). Travel time by horse is a key factor.
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Er--I'm being overly wordy. I need the distance from each keep to the border to be such that a well-fed, well-treated horse (but not a racehorse) with a rider could travel it at a comfortable walk in half an hour or so, or at a dead run in 10 minutes. I also need some idea of how many *people* a valley that size and shape could probably support (assuming they grow all of their own food); and if anyone wants to throw in info or sources on medieval(esque) farming techniques, likely crops, warfare, valley geography, or anything else I might not have though of, feel free.
Please help? [looks sweet and charming]

Magazines and Tuxes

1. What would you call the blurb on the cover of a magazine describing the cover story, usually a play on words?

2. Anybody know the name of a really trendy tux designer, something movie stars would wear?

3. And last but not least, can you name a street in LA that is known for its seedy motels that would be populated by drunks and hookers?

Thanks as always!