April 23rd, 2005

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Can someone give me an idea of the hourly rate for musical recording studios these days? Preferably in New Orleans, but if you know your local rates, I can at least make a better educated guess.

Thank you.

weird tangents :)

Got a few slightly weird questions going on different tangents, all are for seperate fics.

1) If a child is under three years old and has been separated from her parent how long before (roughly) she'd stop missing him, what would her behaviour be like, and if she saw him months later how may she react?

2) Whats a small baby nowadays and a large one? Whats a normal weight for full term and a too high or low one and if the babys a few weeks early or late how can his weight change?

3)I'm pretty sure its three minutes but how long can a person stop breathing/heart stop beating before they start to get braindamaged?

Thank you :)
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In France in the late 1840s/early 1850s, would it be common for a moderately well-off family to have a lot of live, potted plants for decoration in their home, or would that just seem completely weird to somebody visiting at their house?

Motorcycles and other vehicle related things

I'm doing some research for an RPG character I'm playing. Now, I know next to nothing about motorcycles, so, I need to know specs, and how much one is likely to cost, specifically, the one in this picture. If you need better quality pictures to help me out, please let me know and I'll post a link for ya.

I also need to know how much it would cost to insure a motorcycle, and a convertible Mustang in New York. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.
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