April 20th, 2005


timing and twin births

I have no clue how to even look this up. I need to know how far apart, hours/minutes-wise, twin births usually occur. As in, one twin is born, and then how long it takes for the other twin to be born. I'm specifically looking for fairly extreme possibilities, as compared to whatever the average is, and most specifically I need to know if it would be wildly irregular for twins to be born three or even four hours apart.

Thanks muchly!

Edit: Thanks for the answers, I got what I needed. Y'all are awesome.
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ancient chinese wine cups

Which end do they drink from the bronze wine cups?

I've watched a chinese historical drama called Han Emperor (大汉天子) and they drank the wine from the right end in the picture (the u-shaped end), but in Juuni Kokki (anime with a lot of Chinese cultural references), the people drank from the left end (the spout). Generally, I'd trust the chinese drama more but when my mom and I watched the chinese drama, she wasn't sure that they depicted the right way of drinking. Also they had already misquoted Confucius so I don't know if they got this wrong, too. I haven't watched any other historical drama so I can't cross-compare.

Thanks. :)
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nautical phrases?

Okay, I checked Google, I checked the Patrick O'Brian Compendium, and I'm still having no luck.  Is there a particular nautical slang term for a brief period of calm in the middle of rough weather, or a temporary absence of wind, or something along those lines? 

Courts martial and military punishments

I've tried Google, but I don't really know specifics of what to search for. The sites I'm hitting all seem to be historical or heavy on the legal speak rather than anything else.

Is it possible for an army/marine general to have spent time in prison (military or civilian, doesn't really matter), or would any offence that would have led to that also have led to him being booted off the force permanently? The character in question has had no chance to gain any convictions before entering the army (he's been part of a system a bit like the Battle School in Ender's Game, and entered the 'adult' military straight away after his schooling was finished.)

If you can clear this up for me, or point me in the right direction, I'll be a very happy bunny.
Thank you for anything you can do. :)

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