April 17th, 2005

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Giving birth

If a woman is giving birth to fraternal twins, would each twin have a placenta attached to it? Also, after the first baby was born, would the placenta come out right after she was born, or could it make an appearance after the second twin was born?

The story I'm writing involves the father having to deliver the fraternal twins, with no experience in deliveries. Are there any specific things that I should put in about how he handles the births (e.g. I put in that he tries to clean out the first baby's mouth with his finger when she comes out, but I don't really know what else I need to put in)?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone could give me.
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Pre-Natal Care

Just curious, in England in 1925 would a woman be able to know if she was going to have twins or not, especially if she had no reason to suspect she was going to? The general set-up is that the woman didn't know she was going to have twins (which makes said "younger twin" feel like her being an unexpected inconvenience lead to her animosity with her mother). I tried Google and asking people, and the responses are mixed (the size would have been a tip off vs. some women just have big babies), so basically I want to know if there was an actual definitive way of knowing, rather than "someone would have suspected something", and whether a fairly well-to-do woman (who was married to a military doctor) in Britain would have had that option made available to her or would have been likely to take it.