April 15th, 2005

How to break a bottle

I'm wondering: What's the right way to hold a bottle so that you don't get glass in your hands when you smash it on something? About all I've been able to find on the subject are statements that yeah, it looks kind of cool on film, but if you do it the wrong way, you end up with a hand full of shards. One of my characters is kind of a brawler and he'd probably know this sort of thing, but googling "right way to break a bottle" didn't come up with much useful. It doesn't seem to me that there are many places to hold a bottle other than around the neck, if you're going to try a stunt like that. The other option that seemed obvious to me was to have something between your skin and the glass, but that can't be right either. Wearing gloves or something seems like it would increase the likelihood of your grip slipping. Is there a safe way to smash a bottle barehanded?
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Calf's blood

Odd question, but can anyone tell me how much blood could be drained from a calf? It would be around the age that they're killed for veal (18 months to two years, if my info is correct).
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Therapy for PTSD and memory gaps!

Was just wondering if someone could offer me some help and advice on treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and of repressed memories. I have several characters in my current project who are in need of therapy (well, truth is 99% of them probably need it, but these three are actually going to get it!).

First off, does anyone know techniques for helping someone confront "buried" memories that relate to a traumatic event? Would it involve some sort of hypnosis, or free-association exercises, or what? It doesn't have to *work*... one of the characters involved doesn't actually have memory loss, she just pretends to, and the other's gaps are of a different nature that regular psychotherapy can't really help with. I just need one or two examples of things a shrink might try.

Second, this is a very good resource for PTSD, what it involves and how it's treated. But is there anything else you guys think I need to know?

Third, the story starts in present-day Tokyo. Would psychological treatment be readily available? Is it horribly expensive, as here in the West? And would there be a social stigma attached to it, as in "the neighbors mustn't find out our daughter's crazy!"?