April 14th, 2005


RCMP leave question

What is the typical length of leave after the death of a family member given to a member of the RCMP (Mounties)? The Corporal in question, sister(a Constable) has been killed in the line of duty and his just been given custody of his nephew.
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Medical questions

Hi, I have a question about medical stuff. I need to know what some of my characters have; the medical terms.

Character A has a tube down his throat and his ribs hurt (I'm assuming he has a broken or bruised rib). He's also been unconscious for about 27 hours.

Character B has a splint on his left wrist and is in need of a blood transfusion. He's been unconscious for 29 hours.

Characters A and B were gay bashed, so they have lots of bruises and a couple cuts.

Character C has been unconscious for over 32 hours (this could be a bit magically induced, my story is set in the Buffyverse)

Character D has been similarly unconscious and also hurt her ankle pretty bad. I want her to be on her feet again in a month.

And all the characters have amnesia. They have the kind where they can't remember themselves but they can remember the world events (is this an actual type) They also don't remember each other (they are all friends). I can make that part magical.

If anyone wants to give me a diagnoses I would be very happy.
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Buying and selling of houses

Can someone tell me what goes into buying and/or selling a house? The sort of taxes and contracts required, reasons you can refuse to sell or buy (AFTER contracts have been signed), etc. Would claiming a house is haunted or has had gruesome things happen in it stand up as a valid reason for backing out the contract?
Also, what is the basic procedure for inheriting a house?

Basically, the story I'm writing has a sentient house as its protagonist. It's not exactly haunted - posessed might be a closer word. In any case, as a result of this the house has been bought and sold fairly frequently, and has several overnwer throughout the course of the story, so I need to know what would go into its changing ownership.

Thanks in advance. =D

ETA: Terribly sorry I forgot to include this - I don't intend to specify which state/country the story takes place in within the story itself, at least at the moment, but I've privately set in in (NSW) Australia.
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Arrest and Search warrants (USA)

A couple of possibly dumb questions, but I'm damned if I can find the answers anywhere I trust to be accurate.

My story is set in Washington State, USA. There are a couple of different ways I can go with this story, and which I pick sort of depends on the answers to the following:

1. When someone is arrested for a crime, how long can they be held by the police before being charged? (In the UK it's 48 hours, which can be extended by court order by, I think, up to three further days. Then they have to either press charges or let the suspect go.)

2. When a judge issues a warrant to let the cops search a person's home, do they have any obligation to inform that person if they are not at home when the search is conducted?
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Traumatic brain injury

Say someone experiences a traumatic brain injury from a fall and goes into a coma. I'm wondering what doctors in a modern hospital would be able to detect while the patient is in a coma and what they could not detect until the patient came out of the coma.

While the patient is in a coma, could doctors determine if the patient...

  • has had a stroke?

  • will suffer communication problems?

  • has paralysis in the extremities?

  • has deafness in one of the ears?

  • has partial blindness or loss of vision acuity?

    I have found information about the effects of traumatic brain injury but not at what point the effects can be detected.
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    Cool drum solos

    What's a song with a really good drum solo? A rock 'n' roll song that you would hear on the radio and think, "Damn, I wanna be a drummer!"

    I'm practically tone deaf, so I'd really appreciate advice on this. ;-)
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