April 13th, 2005


Telephone psychics / Japanese prime minister's security force

Couple of totally unrelated questions:

1) Is there a government organization in Japan (analogous to the U.S. Secret Service) which would handle threats/crimes against the Prime Minister? If so, what is it called and would it work in conjunction with the regular police force or completely separate from it?

2) Is it feasible for a single person with no children to support himself entirely by working from home as a telephone psychic, or would he be more likely to have multiple jobs? I've managed to find plenty of information on Google about what phone psychics do, but hardly any of the ones who were willing to write about their jobs seem to have stuck around long enough to get paid.
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Pet Mice

I was wondering if anyone could help me. How common are pet mice in Egypt? Are mice even kept or are they still viewed as vermin?

Thanks in advance :D
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(no subject)

Okay, here's the deal. I need some information on the relationship, legally, between Northern Ireland/UK and the Republic of Ireland.

And now the backstory to explain why I can't Google this. My character is from Belfast, so, legally a UK citizen. His parents have always had a family home in Sligo and have family in the Republic. He spends most of his time now in Dublin, where he's something of a petty criminal and has a drug addiction. So my question is more along the lines of how it works to cross the borders and commit crimes. If someone legally from Belfast committed a petty crime in Dublin (possession of heroin, let's say) where they were resident, though not legally, would any sentence be served in the Republic or would he be deported back to the UK?

Additionally, any information anyone has on sentencing in either the Republic or the UK would be most helpful. I'm not sure how much of a criminal history he needs to have for purposes of backstory, but at this point I'm thinking perhaps two arrests, for crimes along the lines of soliciting, possession of drugs, or petty theft (haven't decided yet). Nothing like murder or rape, basically. So what would be the sentence for a crime like that, for a first offence and then for a second offence that is possibly a different type of crime? Does either country have an equivalent to the three-strikes-you're-out laws that are popping up in the US? Or would he be banned from entering either country for having a criminal history of that sort?

Thanks very much for any help you can give. I have a feeling this is going to take up a lot more of my story than I originally thought it would. Damn my urge to write it right!
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Addiction counselling

I'm interested in the requirements (mostly USA, but since this is a futuristic story, a look at the requirements of other countries as well) for becoming an addiction counsellor. Google's turning up plenty of job offers and those vague "you might like this profession if you have these skills" career sites, but I need something a little more relevant.

Here's the situation, in essence: a character's family and friends are planning to stage an intervention. They bring in a counsellor to help prepare them and discuss methods of approach. I want for this counsellor to be someone who has personally had and beaten an addiction of the sort that's being dealt with; I also want her to be fairly young, around 22. Is it plausible that she could be filling the counsellor's role in an intervention? The title isn't absolutely necessary, she could be a "mentor" or something like that, but she needs to have been referred to the family by someone in the field.

If it helps, this addiction is a VERY new problem, and recovered addicts are hard to find. Would her personal experience be able to substitute for some of the training? Would training requirements be less strict, as it's not a well-known addiction either to the general public or to the lawmakers?
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Hotels & 1990's fashion

Thanks for the help I got last time! Now...

1) I need info on four/five star hotels, as in what kind of staff they have, what kinds of facilities, prices, what the rooms are like, etc. Anything would be appreciated, even just small facts.

2) What were the fashion trends in 1999? Would anyone know of sites with images from that year?

I've tried Googling both, but couldn't find anything useful.
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How fast do people walk?

What are the chances anyone knows how fast is "average" for walking speed in distance? Like, so many feet/meters a minute? Or what would be considered slow, or fast?

The idea if that if you were watching someone as a blip on a computer map and they were walking slowly, what would be a proper distance-per-second/minute/whatever description of it? Depending on your scale, of course. ^^; I could do the rest of the math myself, if I could find out what slow/average/fast is.
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Sister Death


Does anyone know if it is true that graves in all--or at least most--American cemeteries are laid out east-west? It's not a crucial piece of the plot, but I'd like some confirmation before I throw it in there.
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Me Again...

Okay, I have another question, this time on missing persons procedure.

This is US-specific, but anywhere in the US will do--I just need a general idea. Most of what I found was on missing children or missing mental patients.

I have an adult (19) who goes missing. She leaves her dorm room between 8:00 pm (when her roommate leaves for coffee) and 9:10 (when her roommate returns). The roommate assumes she's gone to the dining hall or out with friends, but it strikes her as strange that the usually antisocial girl doesn't come home all night, and by the time she gets home from classes at 1:00 the next afternoon she's worried. She consults the RA, who calls the girl's mother to see if she came home the night before or otherwise notified her parents where she went. Of course, she didn't, so panicked mother then calls the hospitals and eventually the police.

In my home city it's 24 hours before a missing persons report can be filed, and I think I've heard similar things about other US cities. As I said, I found a lot of information about missing children and mental patients, but this girl was 19 and believed to be of sound mind. There was no evidence of foul play, but she did not take things with her that indicated she intended to be gone for an extended period of time. Leaving for more than an hour without some kind of indication where she's going is EXTREMELY uncharacteristic for the girl in question, but I imagine that would be more significant to the roommate and mother than to police (Just the facts, and all that).

How might police respond when she's reported missing? Would it not be taken as seriously as an "emergency" missing persons report? Would someone come out in person to ask questions, or would the mother/roommate just fill out the proper forms? How long before a serious search was undertaken? I read on a UK site that bank account activity was one of the first things to be checked; what are some other things that would be looked at?