April 11th, 2005

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Murder and house fires

Okay, I'm having my thirteen-year old murder her best friend's father (and then hiding said friend in her room for five years or so, if anyone remembers me asking about that), and I now have a few questions:

1. She's decided she wants to commit arson after shooting him, but wants to make it look like an accident. What's the best way she can do so?
2. What kind of human remains, if any, would exist after the fire was extinguished? Would a bullet survive the flames or not?
3. Where would be the best place in the house for her to set the fire? It's an older two-story house, from the early fifties, with a considerable amount of clutter and trash she can shift about if necessary to help fuel it.
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Defeating an armored opponent

I probably should have known better than this, but one of my main characters is an expert fighter (as in trained to be a killer from birth onward) and, well .. I'm not. So I get to these fighting scenes that are supposed to be spectacular because he's puportedly the best in his country, and I have almost no idea what I'm doing. As a perfectionist I guess it just bothers me that all I know about fighting I learned from action flicks, and it's just not enough.

In any case, specifically I've got this particular character - Jacques - set up to battle another man. There's just one teensy problem: all Jacques has is a length of chain and his own big bad self, and the other guy, though weaponless, is wearing a pretty sturdy suit of armor. Now, Jacques is supposed to be the biggest baddest guy around, and I mean 'biggest' quite literally: he's actually not human, but a race of my own creation, which means at heart that he's about 7'6", rather more slender than you might expect, and pretty strong. He would, in short, make an excellent basketball player .. >_> Not that I know much about THAT, anyway.

In sum, what I really want to know is this: how the heck am I supposed to get Jacques to beat this other guy? I know he should be able to think of a way to get out of this scrape; it's a one-on-one fight for the other guy's honor, neither of them can be killed, neither would run away, and even if Jacques wanted to the armored guy's friends have a hostage.

Is there some trick I can have Jacques play on him? Some specific move? I know the other guy's at a disadvantage because he's in heavy armor, but one punch and BAM, that's the end of Jacques' skull, y'know? Help me out here, folks!

Eating Disorders

Hello, everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster.

I like to challenge myself by writing things I have never experienced, but it seems I've taken a dive into the deep end this time. I'm trying to write about a girl with an eating disorder (anorexia, primarily, though she might develop bulimia soon), and I need some details.

Searching on Google only gave me the general information, and I need the details to make it seem more realistic, you know? So maybe someone can help me with some questions.

1. If a girl is anorexic, does she feel hungry all the time, or does her body adapt to the small amount of food it gets? And if it does, how long would this take to happen?

2. If the body does adapt, what would happen when she finally was forced to eat a meal (due to fear of discovery)? Would she feel better or worse (sick, nauseous, that sort of thing)? Would her body force her to throw it up?

3. I assume that after bulimics binge, they feel full, right? So what happens after they purge? Do they feel hungry again? How long afterwards?

Thanks for reading, guys. Any input is appreciated!

Edit: Thank you guys so much! Your comments are a HUGE help, and I really think this is going to be believable now. I'll be sure to post a link to the fic once I work this stuff in!

Irish Cinderella

I have been asked to write a Christmas play based on the Cinderella fairy tale, but the school I'm writing it for would like the play to have a strong Irish flavour (there will be dance and music) and they want fairies in it. Unfortunately, I have trouble finding an Irish version of the Cinderella tale. It's a very archetypal story, so I'm certain there must be a version, but so far I haven't been able to find one.

If you ever read a celtic Cinderella version, could you tell me what the differences to Grimm's Tales are? The Irish fairiy tale women seem more headstrong to me than the waifs of the Grimm's Tales....

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Also, thank you to everybody who answered my question about how cats and birds see the world. The fanfic in question has been posted here: Part 1 and Part 2. You've been a great help. This is a splendid community! I've learnt quite a bit from other posts in this group. :-)
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Shopping in LA

All righty.... I ahve a scene in mind, where my MC gets indulted by someone and asked where she got her fake-designer earrings from. More specifically, the insulter is going to ask "Where did you get those cheap knockoffs from? At *insert place* for five bucks?"

So, that is what I need help with; where in LA would knocjk-offs of designer things be sold? A general location will suffice, I just need some direction so I won't totally embarrass myself :)


A friend and I found a problem today: we're trying to find out (and yes, we did try Google) which form of shorthand, Pitman or Gregg, was being used in the 1930s a) in the UK and b) in the US. Does anybody have any idea?
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Dart-bullet thingy question

Hello! I've never posted here before, but I've lurked for a long time, and the amount of raw information contained in this community utterly floors me. So, now that I'm finally in a position where I can't find some information on my own, it only makes sense to come here. :D

In this particular novel, an assassin is using a tranquilizer gun to take out his target. The dart is loaded with a solution that has gold dust suspended in liquid; the gold dust is what's important, since it's going to kill the (non-human) target.

My question is, WHAT should the gold dust be in? It doesn't have to be a lot of gold dust; if the thing's too heavy, it obviously won't work. But I don't know what it should be mixed with; water is probably not dense enough, but I can't say that for sure.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Concussion questions

I'm writing a fic in which one of the characters has a concussion, and a fairly major one at that. I can easily google the symptoms like disorientation, memory loss, etc, but I ask for those who have experienced it:

What was it like? How bad was the disorientation? I only have a few adverse medicinal reactions to go by, and drunkeness, so I'm not entirely sure. Was judgement impaired? How so?

How bad was the nausea? Bad enough to keep you from eating?

How long did the disorientation follow you?

What kind of care did you need? Would it be realistic to have a character needing someone to watch over him or her? And for how long? Also how much? Keep company type of watching over, or more severe? (I'm aware that the first day or so it would be more important to watch for signs of bleeding and other severe injury.)

And with regard to memory laspes: How bad are they? How long did they last? Was it recurring memory loss, even a day or so after the event?

Etc. Any viewpoints to make it more personal and less clinical would be greatly appreciated.

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Shooting question. I have a character that I would like to get shot. The injury I'd like him to have would probably be around the rib cage, but not necessarily a penetrating shot. Is it possible for him to be shot so that he cracks a rib and suffers some blood loss, but not serious blood loss? Also, what kind of first aid could another character give him to help with the cracked rib until they can reach a hospital? Any info/opinions would be appreciated.