April 10th, 2005

Whacked out ancient stuff!
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Urgent question!

I'm midway through writing a piece, and suddenly realise I need to know something. Go, me!

So. Can someone please tell me what was more common in London in the late 1980's - glass bottle or carton milk.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I may as well ask... what was psychiatric care like in those days?
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Ok, so there was this song that I sang in elementary school, like third or fourth grade, I don't remember, and I was wondering if anyone knew all the words?

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Any help would be nice!
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Directory Assistance - England

What's the basic process in England (London specifically, if that makes a difference) when calling directory assistance? Here, I'd dial 411, the computer would ask city/listing, and then the operator would verify the listing or tell me it didn't exist. What number would you dial, and how would the conversation go, if the listing was not actually there?
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worldbuilding question

How much effect would two suns have on a planet? I have your standard fantasy world, only with two suns--Little and Big. The Big Sun is like ours, the Little Sun is more like a star that got stuck near the other one. It's not very bright. I've made the days longer, with more sunlight, like Alaska. Any other ideas on how this would affect my world?
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Translation help.

The following is in German (I think) referring to a protest against RFID.

What I'm wondering is what is the group that is protesting and what would the English translation of their groups name happen to be? Thank you!

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