April 9th, 2005

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Would it be a bad idea for a character in my story (which I eventually hope to turn into a novel) to say something like,

'Herr, would you like to buy eine Blume?'

or stick to mostly English with the exception of sometimes all German sentences and using German titles when necessary? I know some people are iffy about using foreign language in books/stories, but my I hear my characters talking in all German, though they are speaking English to me...if that makes sense. I'm wanting to convey the atmosphere and general politeness (or sometimes anger) by doing this, but I'm not sure, because I've had teachers and readers tell me that I should stick to English.

Also, was it common to see children selling flowers on the sidewalks of cities in Germany (Cologne, specifically) in the late 19 century, or were they generally adults? These kids are orphaned and this is basically how they get money to survive. Would they just sell flowers they found in mountains and fields, or would they actually raise them? Couldn't find anything about this in my history books. XD

Thanks. :)
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Irish housing, during Potato Famine?

What's the huts homeless Irish families would build during the Famine, along the road and in ditches?

What does one call the style of homes tenants lived in, during the same era?

(I did a great deal of research on this, but can't seem to remember the words, and my notes are elsewhere.)
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how cold is a cave?

I know it can get very cold in caves (inside a mountain) but would it be cold enough to preserve a human corpse throughout a summer? Say for example that near the beginning of winter a person went into a cave and died, and the body froze solid and stayed that way through winter. Would it be cold enough in the cave to keep the body preserved with minimal decomposition until the following autumn? (Assuming no intervention by animal predators or the like.)

I can have the body preserved by magical means if necessary, but I'd still like to know if it could happen naturally. Thanks in advance!!
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