April 6th, 2005


Any dentists among the HP fans?

This is one of the subjects where Internet searches tend to bring my sleeping dentophobia to life, but I'd need an expert's thoughts on the state of Sirius Black's teeth after twelve years in Azkaban prison (prolly without a toothbrush). Azkaban doesn't seem the kind of place that has a dental care department and doesn't seem too keen on maintaining basic hygiene among the lifetimers. I thought I'd give him advanced states of gingivitis and tooth decay and a couple of abscessed molars, plus whatever kind of end result one gets after twelve years of tooth grinding. While magical dentistry should be able to deal with most conditions fairly easily, I'm not that sure that even they could do anything short of a root canal once the nerve is dead.

Medical Reasons for White Hair?

Are there any diseases or medical reasons asides being albino that would explain twin boys having white hair? It can be something they were born with or something that's happened while they were very young.
I need something that their mother - and later, the boys themselves - can convincingly tell people to explain away the fact that they were born that way due to not being fully human.
White Tiger

Wounds and Such

Have a few questions about injuries. One of my major characters is going to be in a sword fight and I need to know what kind of wounds I can have the other guy inflict on him, and maintain any sort of credibility in having him heal afterwards. NOTE: this is medieval-level healing we're talking about. Chinese, so probably a bit more advanced than the Westerners would've been in a comparable period, but no real surgery.

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Would really not want to bring too much magic in here, but equally don't want the character to end up crippled, so I'm grateful for any help!

Two very random, unrelated questions

Numero Uno: I've heard that sometimes, if a woman is unable to conceive but desperately wants a child, her body will start acting as if she's pregnant (periods stop, morning sickness, cravings, etc). If anyone could link me up to any sites explaning this phenomon, I'd be greatly obiliged.

Numero Dos: I need some info on the British judicial system. Legal jargon, terms, slang, court etiquette, etc. As an American, I know zip about UK's legal system, so the more info the better :). Time Period: mid-1800's to present. (If I'm being too vague, tell me, and I'll try to explain a bit more)