April 4th, 2005

Question about the old "Hitchcock Presents" TV show

I have two characters who can barely stand each other. I made one throw-away reference in a scene to "Rear Window" being on TV, and they're suddenly starting to bond over how much they both like Alfred Hitchcock's work. One of them is trying to get the other to remember Hitch's old anthology show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." His description of the opening with the silhouette outline and the creepy theme music is only ringing the vaguest of bells for the other guy.

I have an episode guide and I'm half-inclined to choose one based on which ones sound the coolest. But I'm a little shy of ending up with something really obscure and having people pick the "Right, so if he's never seen it, how does he know that one?" nit. You know how "The Twilight Zone" has episodes that are so familiar in pop culture that people know them without ever actually having seen them (i.e., the kid who wishes people into the cornfield and the one about the guy who's happy to be the last man on earth until his glasses break)? What I'm wondering is if anyone can think of any episodes of "Hitchcock Presents" which are famous enough to realistically get the same kind of "Oh yeah, that!" reaction from someone who never watched the show regularly.

Also, anyone have any idea how early I could get away with having it in reruns? I've been able to find plenty of stuff about when it first aired, but it finished its run about three years before the older of the two of my two guys was born. I remember seeing it in reruns on Nick at Nite during the mid-80s, but that doesn't really work with my timeline. They'd be in their mid-to-late teens then, and one of them is talking like he was exposed to it a lot earlier than that. Can I safely fudge and say that it ran someplace during the late 70s or so (or is it better to go with him just being his usual lying bastard self in order to avoid admitting that the show scared him when he was fifteen)?

ETA: Thanks, everyone! when I thought about it, the "leg of lamb" episode that made me think "Oh yeah, that." With everyone else leaning that way too, I think I have a winner. This community is awesome.
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String figure question

What is the string figure known in America as "Jacob's Ladder", in portions of the Pacific as "The Fishnet" or "Four Eyes", and, I believe, in Quebec as "Pont de Quebec", called in Japan? I know it exists there, but I havn't been able to find its name anywhere on the net.

members of a ship's crew

I tried Google and Wikipedia already. I'm either losing my mind, or I'm just not typing it in the right way.

I need detailed the members of a ship's crew and what jobs they would be in charge of. Particuarly a pirate crew, but any kind of typical sailing crew would do. Mind you I'm not really talking modern day. Even though this is science fiction, there's still a heavy lack of technology (does that make sense?)

I remember finding a page before that detailed a lot of this, but for the life of me, I can't find it anywhere. I don't even remember what I put in to have it come up. :\ Any help or direction is much appreciated.
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Songs about Marilyn Monroe

I need songs about Marilyn Monroe. Preferably without her name in the title (see why this is hard to google). If you know any songs/good pages to look/better phrases to google than mine obvious ones, please, DO tell.

EDIT: The songs can both be about her or just have a reference in one verse. The important part is that you know some of the song is about Marilyn Monroe. Her name(s) don't have to be mentioned as long as it is easy to know who they are singing about.
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