April 1st, 2005


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Can anyone tell me what the requirements for being a female firefighter are? (Especially Canadian firefighters.) Do they differ from male firefighter requirements?

Also, can anyone tell me what a typical weekly (or daily) schedule for a firefighter would probably look like?

Leelee and Phineas

Law Enforcement Qualifications

Hi. I'm writing a Numb3rs slash where the main character (Don Eppes, Senior Agent in charge) has to requalify for field work. From what little of law enforcement that I know, it entails work on the shooting range, but I am unaware as to length of time involved and the specifics of the shooting range. Is there something else he has to do as well? Any links/information would be appreciated. Thank you.
two dragons

Guardianship for an adult non-relative?

I have an adult male who had been tortured. Due to that, he does not speak, albeit for psychological reasons, and suffers from PTSD. With a checkered history, he is also at risk of being harmed by members of the underground. Is this sufficient cause for a Japanese court to assign guardianship to a Japanese national? The person in question is Chinese and has no surviving kin.

In regards to the PTSD, how well does exercise and meditation ameliorate psychological symptoms such as hyper-vigilance and flashbacks?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.