March 31st, 2005

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How effective is aikido to fall back on for defense if your legs are (recently) injured? And what some useful & simple maneuvers to use against an opponent?
I do believe in phosphorylation! I do!

Education in the Victorian Era

Long-time lurker, first time poster, but after spending many hours searching on my own yesterday, I've finally given in.

This is pretty much backstory-type stuff for a character I'm working on. He would have been born in 1878, as the second son of a lesser baron, in southern England. I'm mostly interested in what sort of subjects he would have learned, although from what ages he would have most likely had schooling would be helpful too.


Anyone work on a cruise ship?

I'm working on a mystery that involves a woman pretending to have gone overboard off of a cruise ship. The ship makes a port stop before she is reported missing, so she has a chance to get off before the alarm is raised and they search the ship for her. The thing is, I can't have her go ashore with the passengers, because her little swipy-card thing would be swiped as she got off the ship. I need her to get off some other way, like maybe with some garbage, or something else handled by the crew. Suggestions, anyone?

My first post... let's see...

For a Princess Maker fic revolving around Olive and the Dance Party in the Harvest Festival... hmmm... where can I find info abut make-up and beauty secrets for women in the Medieval times or the Renaissace times (the closest to a settlement in history to the PM universe)?

Thanks in advance!
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Question regarding titles...

I'm writing a short period piece (Early 1800s, ca. 1811), and I thought of something while reading it over. It's a terribly stupid question, I know, but... Just want to be sure. If a couple were engaged, would the woman, wholly out of respect, still address him by his title (ie Colonel) when talking to him? Probably not, right?


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jamaican fauna

Anybody know some native animal and bird species in the Caribbean islands, specifically Jamaica? Animals you would be able to hear and possibly see at night. Thanks in advance!
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I need to know about applications and interviews for supermarket jobs- especially things like the more unusual tasks you have to do, group interviews and so on.

I've had my own experience at these so I have a vague idea, but despite this my interviews seem to be missing great big gaps- people have briefly mentioned things like having to 'sing the Asda song' (something which I'm very glad to say I never experienced) and this would be a fairly significant point near the start of a (still hypothetical) webcomic, so any advice is greatly appreciated :D
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