March 30th, 2005


Police procedures

Here's the situation: I have a character whose house gets broken into during the day while she's out. Her neighbors, who know her fairly well, witness the getaway and call the police, then call her. If she doesn't beat the police home and the house is open, how much will the police do before she gets there?
Shilo and Nathan

Wounds site

I've seen a lot of people as of late come through here looking for information on various injuries, so when I found this site I knew it would be a valuable resource for this community.

Show Me Your Wound is a compilation of pictures of people's injuries, with the stories of how they happened, and often a series of pictures from initial injury to nearly-healed. The injuries vary widely and include things like a chemical burn, a partially-amputated thumb, a benign tumor removal, and all sorts of man-vs-machine accidents (bike vs. semi, skateboard vs. cement, etc.)

Warning for those who are a little slow on the uptake: some of these pictures are GRAPHIC and GROSS.