March 29th, 2005


Not-Boring Virus Payloads

What are some interesting, visible "payloads" from viruses? I've tried Googling, but I'm not getting any good specifics; more people worry about the software threats, and the few lists of viruses I have found are 1) huge and 2) full of technical stuff that I don't understand.

I'm not interested in the "OMG DELETED FILES!" stuff on its own, and would prefer to avoid the "OMG YOUR COMPUTAR MACHINE IS DEAD NOW!" stuff; I'm more into the things like "Your computer is now stoned," where there's an annoying and hard-to-get-rid-of disruption.

Thanks in advance!
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Semi-related community plug: writing_sex

I'll just copy the user info, because it explains this community better than I could:
Write sex scenes? Got questions? Read sex scenes? Got answers? Fantastic! This community is for you.

If you've ever wondered if you'll get flamed for using the word "cunt", or what the difference really is between oral sex on a cut or uncut penis, this is the place to ask.

If you're sick and tired of reading bad sex scenes and would love to put your expertise to good use, then this is the place to do it.

Join, ask, and answer. There's no such thing as a stupid question here, and answers will vary depending on personal taste.
I'll be adding it to the user info, so people can find it again. ^_^

Karate-related head injury question

I saw something at a karate tournament years ago which I'd like to use in a story I'm writing. In a sparring match, a man got punched in the face or head (I was too far away to see the details), hard enough to snap his head back but not to knock him down. The referee stopped the match and apparently asked him if he was OK. The man who got hit seemed to say he was, the ref started to gesture to continue the match-- and the guy collapsed and was carted off by the medics.

Assuming the guy was not faking to get his opponent disqualified, what probably happened? Can a concussion cause you to not lose consciousness at the moment of impact, but thirty seconds later? Also, would it be plausible for a minor head injury to cause you to lose the memory of several minutes preceding the injury-- that is, would it be plausible to wake up a minute or so later and have no memory of the entire three-minute match? Finally, is this probably a check-out-and-release scenario, or would doctors want to keep you at the hospital overnight?
Harry Potter

Gang vs. mob

I'm writing a story involving a tattoo artist in Chicago who also does black market surgery. She's a pre-med dropout who was kicked out for illegal possession several years back so she's in her mid-twenties.

I'm trying to figure out if she'd be connected to a gang or if mob (who would supply her addiction). Is there a difference between the two terms "gang" and "mob"? If there is, do the two ever associate with each other? - would mobs have influence over gangs?