March 28th, 2005


Japanese History

Hi. I've looked up, and I've looked down, but I really cannot find anything about the daily life of Japanese feudal lords in the Warring States or Sengoku era. Does anyone have something specific, like what sort of stuff they'd be expected to do? Especially if they're ill and indoors.

Oh, and what is the whole protocol/system with their retainers? I'm fairly clueless, so any sort of information would be good. Thanks!
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Cars and sandcastles

Approximately how much would a newish sports car weigh? What kind of car is an American young man in his mid-twenties likely to consider a really nice car? What would this man mention when gushing about the car?

Also, about how long would it take steady but not extremely heavy rain to destroy a sandcastle?

shoulder trauma: series of questions

I googled for shoulder dislocation, but after some thought, I wasn't sure if the incident I'm writing would result in a shoulder dislocation or not, since the medical sights refer mostly to impact injuries resulting in dislocation, and I've never expirienced a dislocation of anything.

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I appreciate your time in reading this, even if you don't respond. Maybe I should just try a similar stunt to find out the results for myself. :p
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I asked some questions about heart transplants a while ago, and now I have some more:

How hard would it be for the recipient to find out who his new heart came from? Is that information available to any recipient who asks for it, or would he have to do quite a bit of research to uncover it?

Without going into too much detail, part of my story is about someone who is convinced his transplanted heart came from a has-been, B-list celebrity  (about the same level of fame as, say... Dana Carvey). Since the donor is famous, would that make it more difficult for the recipient to find out who he is?

how do they rise


Okay, I have a bunch of weird questions with no relation to each other.

First off, a question on marriage. Collapse )

Anyway, moving on to the next question.

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Now my third question!

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And finally! Collapse )

Yeah, I'm a little bit of everywhere. >D Why do you think I need this community?

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Interfaith marriage

How likely (or unlikely) is it that a lower middle class Jewish family living in New York around the turn of the 20th Century would allow their daughter to marry a poor Irish Catholic boy? (Don't worry about the boy's family; he's more or less an orphan and isn't exactly devout.)
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(no subject)

All Google can give me on this subject is a ridiculously in-depth series of bills, so I shall request of you, dear fiends.

I'm looking for cults that were popular in France (specifically in dense, urban areas, if that helps) around 1988. I know that an anti-cult law was passed in the fifties, but it didn't abolish all cult happenings, right?

Merci, mes amies!

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This is first post and I need a help as soon as possible. Does anybody know what the substances in the BigDye® Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit and the substance Half BigDye do in gene sequencing? Either an explanation or a link to one would be much appreciated. It's in relation to automated gene sequencing. Thanks
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Google's kind of useless when you're asking specific questions. In this case, could somebody please tell me briefly how a fencing match works, how long it lasts and how to win?