March 27th, 2005

Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing


Despite having lived there, I can't work this out, and no one I ask seems to be able to give me a very good answer (pfft!)

Ok, between 1960 and 1984 where would the poorest areas of London be?
Where are they now?

(If you can tell me which underground stations are in those areas, that'd be even more helpful as I can work out almost the whole of London with the help of an underground map!)
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What's the size of a standard high school football team? 13 kids? 15 kids? This is also a small-town team, the only show in town. Would that make a difference?

PS: The userinfo for this community tells me to post a link to the story I used this question in. So,
Chapter One and
Chapter Two are here for your reading pleasure.

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One last question on organ transplants and donors.

I know that motorcyclists that don't wear helmets are nicknamed "organ donors", but what are some accidents or conditions in which the organs are still viable for donation?
[HIH] Hufflepuff 4

More little details

Can someone name for me a piece that a high school orchestra would be practicing? Ideally I want a piece that a violinist, a cellist, and a bassist would practice together. Anything is fine. Links to MIDIs would be even better! Thanks a bunch.

Arrests in modern-day US

A friend of mine is working on a screen play and needs to know the things a police officer in modern-day US might say when s/he arrests a suspect. She already figures the Miranda Rights are probably a good bet.

ETA: Upon clarification, she specifically wants to know about the procedure for booking a criminal, but I would hazard that anything in the arresting procedure would be helpful.