March 26th, 2005

African dialects in Lion King songs

This is not for anything I'm writing, but this discussion is going down in my LJ and Google is NOT being helpful and I MUST know the answer.

What language are the African parts of the Lion King's songs?

I've established that the slang is Swahili. My friend's father was born and raised in Kenya and he says it is Swahili. But I think my friend only asked him about Hakuna Matata, which is Swahili. I'm talking the African chanting in Circle of Life and so forth. Another friend says it's Yoruba, and I seem to recall seeing "Yoruba:" on the DVD's subtitles when watching the Special Edition. But I don't own the DVD, I can't confirm this.

Please help. Google is telling me jack doodly except that they used XHOSA in the play!!!!!!! It's too complicated, I says!!!!! >
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Alcohol Consumption

So, for a story I'm writing, one of my characters has to get drunk. As I don't drink, how much of a bottle of whiskey is it possible to down at one go without pain and/or liver failure, and how much of a bottle of strong whiskey does one have to drink to get drunk, on average?

Thanks so much!