March 25th, 2005



I've googled this, but I only get vague answers and such.

Chimera. As in the human medical sense of the term, how physical is it? A set of frateral twins are in the womb and one "merges" into the other. Is it just the set of DNA or are there physical bits in the fully developed twin? I can remember reading something about a woman having her twin removed from the back of her throat. The twin was something akin to a small lump of teeth, but is this the same thing?

Just trying to clarify. :)

Edit: Wow, thanks everyone. This certainly helps me out. :)
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London neighborhoods

1. What's a lower middle class neighborhood in London; IOW, one about which it would be appropriate to say, "They lived in a tiny council flat on/near ______"?

2. What's an upper middle class neighborhood in London where the homes would come equipped with sizeable garages? (And is the covered place where a family parks their car called a garage in England? I can't believe I don't know this.) Maybe a neighborhood where an American diplomat of some sort would live with his family.

3. Would it be possible for two people, one from each of these neighborhoods, to go to the same high school? If so, how?

Thanks! Any help will be appreciated.
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Language immersion

In canon, a character has been set into a world where he doesn't speak the same language as anyone else for six months. I'm guessing that these languages are about as different as Japanese and English. Assume that he's fairly intelligent, and may or may not have some experience with learning languages before. How much language do you think that he'll have learned by the end of six months? How long do you think it'll take him to begin to understand even a little bit? I'm playing with some fanfic ideas set in those six months, but I have no idea how much language he'd probably start understanding at what point. So any time/language skills estimates you might have would be welcome.

Edited to add: Canon doesn't say how old he is, but I'd guess in his twenties. He also would be spending most of his time with a friend of his who can speak a different dialect of the language there, but he can't communicate with that friend because they lost the translator. I don't know how much most of his attempts at communication being with someone who speaks a different dialect from the majority would screw things up.
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What will video games be like in 200 years?

How do you see the gaming world in the next, say 200 years.
Goggles, where you are IN the game? Simulators, where you actually fly the craft that blows up alien invations? Virtual paint ball armies confenced via satalite?
Nows your chance, get inventive, base it in reality, and tell me where you think video games will be at in 200 years.

Liver transplants and disease.

I hope I'm not abusing this community with my second post in 24 hours.

I've done some research, and, yes, this is connected to my last post about chimeras.

I have a character, mid-twenties, that has cirrhosis and is in need of a liver transplant. From what I've seen a fairly wide range of things can cause this disease, but most take over a decade. Could a combination of such speed up the need for a transplant? He's in a stituation to abuse drugs and alcohol, so the two might speed it up, but would hep B hasen it even more? If they let him have the transplant, what would he do in the mean time? Stay in the hospital, be released, have to be in special care? I could find information about liver disease and a little about transplants.

Also, I know they have to bloodtype to match organs so they have a less likely chance of totally rejecting the organ. This character would be a chimera, the type that has a twin's DNA type in certain organs. Could they detect this?

I'm also thinking about placing this during the 1980s, if that has any signifigant baring the blood-typing and DNA testing.