March 22nd, 2005

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What is the general hiearchy for military rank? Literally, just general knowledge that would apply to most any generic system. (If anyone wants to go in depth regarding air force and naval, I'd really appreciate it, though.)

Edit: Thank you guys. Just to make something fairly clear - I'm not an idiot. I can use the internet like everyone else. However, despite going through several searches, I kept getting results that were *overly* complicated, rather than the simplified listing that I needed. And since this story takes place in different galaxy, in a space-bound military, I wasn't sure whether to use Naval or Air Force as my base. I considered combining them, but then I had to figure out how the rankings compared to each other. Thank you very much for those who replied.

Celibacy in the Catholic church

Hey -

I'm looking for discussions, both pro and con, about celibacy in the Catholic Church. I've done the basic research but what I need are articles, arguments, editorials written by members of the Church about celibacy. I'm doing research for a novel involving a Catholic priest who gets involved in the controversy over celibacy and I need to be educated on the subject, particularly what church members think - both the 'rank and file' of the priesthood and the official stance of the Church hierarchy.

The most recent official church bull or statement (translated out of Latin, please) would be good. References to newspaper articles covering the topic would be fine too. Ooo - and any information on how the chuch trains/teaches/advises semminary students on 'how to be celibate' would be *great*.

Thanks in advance.
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Head injury or concussion.

Hiya everyone, first post here. I hope I'm not going to be repeating other posts with my question, but I searched the memories, previous posts back a few pages, and a few other places without finding much of the info I need.

Anyway, my situation is this: A character in a story I'm writing has just been hit rather hard on the temple by the butt of a metal gun (modern standard handgun type), and I wanted to know the specific symptoms and effects of a concussion and what sort of danger he'd be in for permanent injury. He does not have any access to medical aid, and his captors are not going to do much beyond making sure he stays alive. He's 19 years old, in otherwise good health, and has had no previous head injuries.

Basically, I'm looking for something where he'll be dizzy and have a headache for a while, but be otherwise fine, and I want to know how that would be plausible, i.e. whether I can realistically let him be lucky enough to suffer no serious damage. I just want to make sure I'm portraying the injury accurately, really, so no one raises an eyebrow at me and scolds me for not knowing what I'm talking about. ^^;

Thanks in advance.
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Hello! I just found this gem of a community the other day, and I'm glad I did. I have a couple of questions about Regency England.

Was it common for widowers to remarry? And what would teenage children call their step-mother?

Thanks in advance!
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Sewer Query

I'm writing something that mostly takes place underground, and I need help with some terminology.

I'm picturing a large sewer entry. (If you've ever seen the movie "Alligator," then you know the sort of entrance that I mean.) It's very large and round, easily big enough for people to walk through. What would you call something like that?

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Security weapons

What kind of gun might a security guard at a bank carry?

I can look up the details on the gun once I have it, but short of going to a bigger city with a bigger bank and spying on the guard, I'm not sure how to find out. The more specific the type, the better (I know it'll be a handgun, likely some kind of pistol, but anything more specific would be most helpful).

Police procedure with family members

I have a character who's just showed up at her parents' house and discovered police cars and such. Her parents were taken to the hospital, and the man who attacked them was killed. How much would the police tell the daughter? Surely they would tell her which hospital, but would they have someone drive her there or allow her to drive herself? Would they tell her about the other man who died? (They don't know who's who at this point, except that the dead man is too young to be her father.) Would they try to ask her any questions right then, or want a statement from her later?

Thanks in advance for the help.