March 21st, 2005

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I hope that someone can help me. I am writing a story which will involve one of the characters using a handgun and a shotgun at some point. I know nothing whatsoever about firearms - not how you prepare a gun to fire it, nor what type of gun someone might reasonably keep at home, and have barely seen, let alone touched, a gun in my life. Can someone provide the URL of a site that can give me the bare essentials of information on this subject?

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Service Stations/Rest Stops on Motorways/Highways

hey all. found this on someones user info and just have to say this is such a wonderful idea.
okay, so i hope this is alright to ask here, its just i have no clue where to look for this sort of info. may sound strange, but here goes:

i'm mostly asking Americans or people who live in/visit the US a lot.
i live in england and over here, on large motorways (uh highways/interstates i guess they're called in the US) in between towns and citys we have service stations i call them, guess rest stops is another way of saying it, meaning a building with some restaurants (usually just fast-food places), a shop, toilets and occasionally some others things but usually not much else. Just a place for people to stop when on a long journey without having to leave the motorway and go into a town.
My question is do they have similar places in America? I'm specifically thinking California but no particular part of it (the town in the story is fictional anyway). I'm assuming they must but whenever i've been over there i have never been in one, most places i saw took you off the main road into a town.
Also if they do have them could i just have a small description of what they are like? are the basically the same as what i explained we have over here in the UK (anyone who's been to both would be very helpful!) or do they usually have something else there?

any help would be very appreciated.
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The Chunnel experience

Posted for a friend:

"Specifically, anyone who's ever used the Chunnel.

I'm looking for details to add realism to a scene. What was it like? Did if just feel like going through an underground subway tunnel or was it different?

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I know I always turn to you for this boring academic questions but, what can I say? I'd be lost without you guys.
The thing is that I'm now studying English grammar, and I'm unsure as to what underline when I'm asked to find the complete subject. In Spanish is easy, because you only have to ask "Who does what", but in English I found this:

"In English, verbs actually have two subjects: the semantic subject, which is the doer of the verb according to meaning, and a syntactical subject, which is what the verb agrees with, and it determines which case a pronoun gets. In most cases, they are identical. For example, in the sentence: I edit articles, "I" is the semantic subject because I actually am editing letters, and I is the syntactical subject because the verb agrees with it. However, in the sentence: Articles are edited by me, "articles" is the syntactical subject because the verb agrees with it. "Articles" is still the semantic object. "Me" is the syntactical object because it is in the accusative case, but it is still the semantic subject because I, not articles, am doing the editing."

I don't understand this pretty well, and my teacher is an ass who wouldn't be able to explain this to anyone for her life, much less her own students. Yes, I need a good explanation to survive the first test. Can anyone help me?

PS: Forgive my babbling.