March 19th, 2005

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In cars... ::techno beat plays::

1. I need a car. More specifically I need a car or SUV that is:

- model year 00 or later
- readily available in the United States (money is really no object, but it couldn't be anything that has to be special made or special ordered)
- very well built (this car will be under fantastically good care, and it needs to run for 50+ years)

I ask here because: well, I don't know anything about cars; it's hard to search for; it's kind of a judgement call.

2. Is it possible to have a car converted (once again, money's no object) to an energy source other than gasoline? Anything involving fossil fuels is right out. Electric'll work, in a pinch, but I'd rather avoid it. Ethanol, maybe? The story's set a good ways into the future, so I have a good bit of wiggle room. However, I want to be as plausible as possible.
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Unused phone numbers

All rightm, this is a simple question byut apparently my googlins skills suck... when calling a number not in use in the US, what sort of message is there on the tape that plays? "This number is not in use"? Something else? Just a busy tone?

The number in queestion is a cell phone number that has some digits misplaced thanks to te person writing it up having a horrible handwriting, if that is somehow relevant.

Obscure details about the Christian creation myth...

I really have no clue where to start looking for this, I've had a few friends mention it, but that was a long time ago.
It's about the creation of the Woman in Christian mythology.
First, we had Lillith, created along with Adam out of clay, who decided she didn't like Adam, or somesuch.
Last, there was Eve, created from one of Adam's ribs.

My question is regarding the second woman, whom someone's claimed existed, that God created out of air. Adam saw her created, and it disgusted him, so he didn't want her, or something along those lines. Again, it was ages since I heard this, so I may be misremembering parts.

What texts are there to support this, and has the second woman been named anywhere? I don't want to give her a name I make up, if it turns out she has one already.

If she hasn't been named, I'd appreciate name suggestions; I'd like a name that means 'air', 'purity' or 'innocense' or something along those lines, if at all possible.

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(no subject)

This might be a little obscure but I'm writing a fic with two young English men visiting Rome in 1976, and I'd really appreciate it if anybody who was there in the seventies could help me - would there have been a lot of tourists? What were people wearing? If you were there as a tourist, what were your first/strongest impressions of the city?

Guitar opinions requested

One of my characters plays the guitar. He’s had an acoustic for years that he’s fond of, but he’s been offered the chance to play a high-quality, top-of-the-line, price-is-no-object guitar. I can find all sorts of guitars online, but since I don’t play, I don’t know which would be the dream instrument of choice.


ETA: I should have been more specific, I think, given the lovely information everyone is sharing. The high-end guitar is meant to be a bribe of sorts. The character in question enjoys playing for his own amusement, and would probably enjoy playing an expensive instrument, but not enough to take the bribe seriously. I think I'll go with a Martin as the bribe and a Fender as his home guitar. Thank you to all who answered.
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Medical treatment for severe shock - (or Hypovolemic shock, if you want to be technical)

Hey, everyone. Just happened across this community, and what a find it is. :) I only hope I'm not over-stepping any bounds.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Does anyone know if there's a medical treatment for severe shock, preferably the medical treatment one would get from severe blood loss? I mean, I know all the first aid stuff about making them comfortable and not giving them any water (which I already know as a lifeguard and which is what I mostly found when I did a Google search), but I'm talking about when one is actually in the emergency room being rolled through the hallways with half a dozen doctors and nurses rushing all over the place trying to save your life - is there some medication they would inject into your system? Replacing the lost blood is a big thing, I'm sure, but is that a right away thing? It's for a story I'm writing, and as I don't watch any of those medical programs and the only trip I've had to the emergency room was when I was 1 year old and had a major asthma attack, I'm kinda clueless as to what goes on there beyond the rushing around of doctors and nurses. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll be sure to link the story in this post once I have it finished if anyone is curious as to how I use the information. :)