March 18th, 2005

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Historical question about fabric

Isn't satin a "new" fabric? If so how new is it?

I need a very soft, upscale fabric for a pair of pants to be lined in, in a society that is late medival-ish. Silk is a possibility, but I'd rather it be something else, if there's something else that's feasible. Satin would work for me but I seem to recall it's got synthetics in it or some-such.
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College dorm rules? What and when?

This is kind of a weird one, so bear with me...

I know there are still a handful of colleges that have extremely strict rules regarding dress codes, curfews, opposite-sex visitation, and the like. However, this doesn't seem to be the case with any public (or non-religious private) school anymore.

I guess what I'm after is an idea of 1) a time period during which such things were still enforced at public or non-religious private colleges and 2) a more exact idea of WHAT the rules would have been, and possibly 3) how strictly they were enforced. I've got vague story ideas where this is relevant kicking around in my head, but I really can't do much with them until I have a better idea of exactly what time period I'd be talking about here.
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I need some information about quality of life after a heart transplant. I can find all kinds of information about the transplant procedure, but not much about what the recipient can expect after the transplant.

Can an adult's heart be transplanted into a child? Assuming the transplant goes smoothy and the recipient's body doesn't reject the new part, how soon after the transplant can the recipient resume normal activities? What kind of everyday activites most people take for granted are off-limits to heart transplant patients?

I know this depends on all kinds of things, so for the sake of these questions, the recipient is man in his early twenties. Because of a defect in his heart, he had a transplant about 10-12 years before the story takes place.

Contagious baby diseases

I have a child character (11 years old) whom I've had trouble getting a solid grip on. He will, in my story, kill another kid due to various circumstances, in front of his "classmates" (it's not a traditional school setting). There is drama leading up to this, of course, but somehow it hasn't seemed to be enough to actually motivate him to do such a thing, especially since he has been raised and trained not to solve conflicts with violence first-hand. I need him to snap, but being an outcast and mildly harrassed by his peers doesn't feel like a good enough reason. So I was thinking, and if he, as a baby, was left on his own, with very little physical contact and affection, that could seriously damage his empathy levels, couldn't it?

And if that's the case, I would need a reason for him to be left alone as a wee baby. A contagious disease? Since his genes were tampered with when he was still a fetus, could I just "invent" a new disease? It would be nice if I could find a real one, though, to make it feel more realistic.

So, can lack of physical affection and contact in your baby years lead to lack of empathy later on?
Is there a contagious baby disease which would cause the baby to be quarantained?

I have googled and did not find what I was looking for. Any help would be appreciated, as usual.
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Age of consent

All right, this is a pretty tricky question I am trying to figure out... I have two characters, aged 17 and 28 respectively, who are (about to be) married; neither one is a US citizen, and the younger one is above the age of consent in both of their home countrie.

Now, my queston is this; if they travel to the US (most likely to California) would/could there be legal repercussions? The older one is a v. high-profile pop star and the fact that he is wengaged to someone so much younger is the latest big-profile celebrity scandal. so I need to know would he have nice men with badges knocking on the door any wtime soonish,or would the fact that neither one is a citizen and are just visitng maker a duifferemce, or would the law enforcement actually give a damn?

Err, I hope that made sense.


I already posted this to multilingual earlier, but so far, I haven't gotten much help. I have this character, a pretty minor one, really, and he's a vampire. And Hungarian. Another character witnesses him being dragged away by vampire hunters disguised as cops, and the Hungarian character yells things in his native language as he's being dragged away. I want him to yell something like "Murderers!" Can anyone translate? Thanks.
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