March 17th, 2005

Tardis and Xanpet

Back with more Japanese requests

Hi people,

I need the numbers 1-10. They don't have to be too close as they are spoken by a non-native speaker, and the phrase "I love you," spoken by a native male to his American male lover.

Thanks for this. Babelfish puts it all in Japanese script. I know that putting it in Roman script fills the words with vowels but as it's only a few words in the fic I think I can get away with it.

Thanks again,

Love Xanpet.

(no subject)

I don't know how well I'm going to do writing this, because just asking about it I'm squeamish to point where I feel like apologizing for such a gruesome question. But anyway:

If one wanted to remove somebody else's finger in a non-surgical setting, what sort of a tool would get the job done? I've gotten to those big, long-handled hedge chopper things for trimming trees before my brain flinches away from that line of thought, but would they carry a sharp enough edge?

Sorry if this is something I should have researched myself; I just need a very long stick with which to poke at the idea. I'm okay with gore that isn't too over-the-top graphic, but I'm too empathetic. Seeing things that would hurt or people in pain squicks me half to death. And I've gone and boxed myself into having to mutilate one of my protagonists in my current WiP. A masochist is me.
Poshy Posh B'Gosh

First Post

This? Is the best idea for a community ever.

My very first question for you:

Does anyone here have experience with live TV interviews? Could you give me the gist of what a producer would likely be whispering in the interviewer's ear? Any common catch phrases I could use to make the conversation read authentic? Any lame misconceptions I should avoid at all costs? The scene has the interviewee being so awful to the interviewer that she stops the interview, if that makes a difference.

Thanks so much for your help.
abfab whatever sweetie

Euphemisms for control of the remote

I need names for the person who controls the TV remote.

My family has always called it 'the cruel master'. I know in Clueless someone called it being 'couch commando'.

I'd just like the most understandable, so that the largest number of people will get what I'm talking about. It's a character speaking, or I would have just explained it, but I want it slangy--something you would say on a Sunday afternoon while fighting over the remote.

What've you guys got? *g*

ETA: Have used a combination of two suggestions: remote hog. Thanks, guys. Once again, the collective brain triumphs.