March 16th, 2005



Is it possible, in ANY way, to close a parasol with one hand? Note that the MC here in question may be insanely fast/strong/agile, whatever.

Thanks in advance. Also, this is my first post here soooo...hi.
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At a loss

This is going to seem like a really weird question, but honestly, I don't know where to look. I'm trying to find a list of adjectives, description suggestions, and other ways to describe how a cat moves, acts, looks, etc. Yes, a cat. He's the main character of my short story, and I want to describe him without actually saying he's a cat. Now, I've tried Google and searching through LJ communities, but I honestly don't know where to start looking or the right phrase to type in. Anyone else have a clue? ^^;

Need a Martial Art

Hi. My first question here.

I need a martial art that would be particularly useful for a blind man. My character would have learned this MA while sighted, and then, after being blinded, realizes how useful the martial art could be to him, or perhaps some subset of the art, and goes back and brushes up on it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

ETA (I don't actually know what ETA stands for, but it seems to be used this way.) Thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions! It's easy to discern "trends" in what you all responded with. I have a good idea how to proceed now.
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German Gibberish

As always, I'm in the midsts of writing a fan fiction. (Charmed-verse.) This one features, among other things, an OC named Randolph. Now, Randolph doesn't play a huge role in the story. Actually, he's kind of Innocent Cannon Fodder. He gets attacked by the villain of the piece - an OC by the name of Deon. Kyle - his new Whitelighter - shows up to save him. Kyle's accompanied by the Most Powerful Demon in the Underworld, who's dressed as Apophis. Understandably, Randolph is confused, scarred, and very distraught.

He also happens to be German. For that reason, I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a good, reliable English to German translator. Mind you, very little of anything Randolph says is imperative to the progress of the story. Anything that is is reiterated in the prose, so the reader will not be lost. So you have a lot of Randolph shouting "Demon!", "Kyle!", and "Help!" with a few, longer sentences thrown in. Oh, yeah, and Kyle says a couple of things in German to Randolph. But for the most part, people speaking English in the scene.

Can anyone help?
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The rules have grown as we've gotten bigger, but there still aren't many. I added two new rules today:

* Don't ask us something that you could look up easily on your own. It's all right to post if you have no idea how to look it up or are still in the dark after your search--we're here to help. Just don't be lazy.

* Questions about how to say something in another language should go to multilingual, although you're free to ask here if no one there can help you. This is just to keep post volume down, as we're getting big.
As big as this community is getting, we needed to change things a little. The rest of the rules are the same, but you can see them here if you've forgotten them.


I imagine that if a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy were to be electrocuted, but not at a level which causes her death, the fetus would suffer some ill effects, and probably end up miscarried.

What about in the second and third trimesters? If an 8-months-pregnant woman gets electrocuted at a level that is survivable, is the fetus capable of surviving that as well? Or is its system too delicate to handle that, even as a passenger in the mother?
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The Meaning Of CC As Used In Medical Terms...

What does cc mean when it is used in a medical setting? Such as, 'The patient needed 20 cc's of Sodium Triwhatsit.' I've tried googling, but all I come up with is 'carbon copy.' ^_^ Please and thank you!

ETA: Have I told you all that I love this community? It's been less than a minute, and I have what I need, and more. Thank you!
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Okay, this might sound like an odd request but somebody here might be able to help me.

The characters in my story need to build a raft that will go on a river and carry six people. They are in the middle of a wood so there's plenty of branches and there's a lot of strong creepers that they can use to tie the branches together. But what sort of branches are best used for making rafts? How long should they be, can you safely tie several shorter branches together that sort of thing. And is there any other information I should know? Like, would creepers work for keeping branches together in a secure raft? And anything that I don't know to ask.

If anyone can help me, I will really appreciate it.
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Insider's details, procedures, on celebrity photoshoots/music videos

For an original novel in progress, I need some pretty detailed descriptions of how celebrity and/or band photoshoots are carried out and what usually happens before, during, and after one.
1) For people who regularly appear in a certain magazine, is there some ongoing contract for photos and interviews, or are these arranged on a case by case basis?
2) Do celebrities usually have one or two favored photographers or studios to whom they usually go for photos? Do agents contact studios/photographers, or is it the other way around? Do magazines tend to have staff phographers or particular studios with which they have contracts?
3) Is clothing provided by the studio, the magazine's company, or do the celebs themselves or their agents select clothing? If it's provided, do the celebs get to pick and choose from a selection, and keep what they're given? Same thing with props.
4) Do the celebs or agents get to go over the pictures to help select images or reject unfavorable pics?
5) What are the laws/regulations regarding minors as extras in photoshoots? For example, what sorts of things would have to happen if a band were to dress kids up as themselves and have photos used in magazines or photobooks?

Now for some questions about music videos:
1) Does a musical artist usually have creative control over a music video, or does most of the concepting and creative work fall to the director?
2) How are arrangements made to shoot film in busy public places such as hospitals, historic sites, etc., or on restricted, possibly hazardous private property such as industrial sites? Are local governments willing to help out by temporarily blocking streets, posting announcements, monitoring safety?
3) How long does it take to shoot film for a music video?
4) Is it particularly difficult for musicians to play different parts of songs to make various shots synch up with the track played over the video? What I mean is, if a video cuts between many locations and intermixes the different location shots throughout the song, do musicians have a hard time shooting one location at a time and having to play random snippets of the song?

x_x; After typing the word "celebrity" so many times, I start to wonder if it's even a real word.