March 15th, 2005


Ancient Japanese History

Ok, so I'm looking for a website or basic structure of ancient Japanese history (which I know absolutely nothing about) in the year approx. 100 AD, and the basic social structures and what would be their reaction to rich non-Asian traders/tourists (one very pale Icelandic type and another Middle-Eastern). Anything you can suggest would be helpful!
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Sound System Equipment Problems

What sort of things could be wrong with a set of speakers that might be easy to miss, if you're not used to it? (This guy is going to open it up to see if he can fix it, but I don't want him to succeed so he has to call in someone else.)

This can be either a manufacturing error or something that happens later, but it should be fixable. I don't have any model that the speakers need to be or anything.


Muslim and Jewish food.

Taking Islamic and Jewish dietary restrictions into account, would a Muslim eat Jewish food and vice versa if nothing else kosher/halah was available?

Also, do a lot of fast food places cook with lard? (That would make them non kosher/halah, right?)

Edit. It's halal, not halah. *smack forehead*
Prier: Sup in this thread?

About corpses

How much time would it take for a corpse to become ashes? How long for it's clothes to disintegrate too? Are there some parts that wouldn't become dust?(This part, a buried corpse, like after a funeral service, but without the chemical stuff pumped into the body)

And what would be the condition of a corpse 2000 years after it's death, if it was left out in the open, but no outside force (like animals, rain, heat, etc) could disrupt it?

Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback re: asexuality

Thanks to the responses to this thread, I'm now convinced that my character isn't asexual per se... just sheltered, living in a culture that doesn't tend to sexualize unnattached people the way ours does, and perhaps a case of delayed sexual maturity (which isn't the same as asexuality).

He's pretty much a Kinsey 1 heterosexual, and for much of that time he's a monk, so we only see him *around* women exactly two years before he ends up with one.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It helped a great deal, and was enlightening, besides!
Chateau Laroche

(no subject)

Let's say someone accidentally uses Nair as conditioner because he wasn't paying attention and picked up the wrong bottle or something. Since Nair doesn't really feel like conditioner and gets that nasty sulfur-ish smell after it's exposed to hair, he quickly realizes he's made a mistake and rinses it out almost immediately.

Would it still make a lot of his hair fall out even though it wasn't in his hair for long?

Estate settlements and Baptist funerals for naval veterans

Estate settlements
I've got a character who was named executor of her grandmother's estate-- is that a realistic thing to do? I've done some googling and it seems like the executor would need to be someone with legal knowledge and possibly even experience, i.e. not a 25-ish woman just getting on her feet in the world. Is there any situation in which the granddaughter would be the logical choice for executor? It's mostly to illustrate the grandmother's long-standing grudge against her daughter, so if it's not feasible, I can find another way to do it.
And whoever the executor is, how does the estate settlement go? The giving-out of property and will-reading and whatnot. Does it happen very soon after the funeral or does it take months?

On to the second part of the question: I'm confused about the funeral. The grandmother in question is a Southern Baptist, but she's also a veteran-- peacetime service as a Navy nurse. I've read in a couple of places that if she had a regular Baptist funeral, a flag on the coffin wouldn't be permitted. How strict are the rules on this? The flag is going to play a big part later in the story, but the hymns were going to be a big point of description. The flag's more important, so does she need to have a military funeral? Or are there SBC churches that would allow it? Or churches of other denominations, perhaps?

ETA: The story takes place in Georgia, US. I guess that would've been useful information to provide upfront. :P

I know my questions are pretty complicated, but even answers to bits and pieces of them would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)

Motor vehicles in adverse conditions ...

What kind of problems might a car run into driving through sandy desert terrain? The ground's fairly level, but there's basically no actual roads. So.

If it was very windy much of the time, would sand get into the engine/cause any problems that way? Is driving on sand difficult?

If it makes a difference, it's a fairly old-fashioned car, along the lines of the Model T or somesuch. (Original world, just getting to that level of tech.) Sorry if this sounds stupid; I haven't exactly gotten a chance to drive around in the middle of a desert. D:
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