March 14th, 2005

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Genetic diseases that affect the legs

I need to know the name of a genetic disease or birth defect that would result it a child having to wear leg braces basically from the time they learned to walk. Also, what other symptoms would show up? It can't be anything that affects the brain - the kid has to be of high intellegence - but ideally it's something that is very visible, so even without the braces on anybody looking at her legs could tell she couldn't walk well. Thanks in advance.

ETA: It needs to be something that could affect a child born no earlier than 1995 or so. Thanks for the suggestions of various diseases, but it really needs to be something she's had her *whole life*, from the moment she was born - it's more a symbolic than plot point, but it does affect one other character's view of her that it's something she's had all along rather than something that changed her, even early one.

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Hello! Kind of a dumb question, but I'm a Yankee born and raised, and I can't seem to wrap my mind around this itty-bitty problem of logistics.

Now, let's say you're a family who's lived in Florida for generations and has never had occasion to travel up North before. You would not, then, own heavy parkas, hats, knit gloves, etc...right?

So now you're all going up North for winter vacation--not necessarily for skiing/hunting/outdoor purposes, but you'd probably at least go sled-riding once, and in any event would need something to keep you from freezing. So what would be the best way to obtain winter things?

Do shops in Florida sell things like heavy winter coats? Could you persuade a big chain store to special-order them for you? Would it make more sense to order them off the Internet? Or, since large coats take up a lot of space in luggage, would it be more sensible to wait until you've arrived up North to go and buy them?

I just can't think which would be more probable for real-life people to do...any takers?

Kinfe Throwing and Sacred Stuff at Cambridge

Okay, two questions.

First, one of my characters is going to teach the other how to knife throw. As in, take a knife, throw it at the target, and have it stick. The thing is, having never done this before, I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Second, what's something that would be found somewhere around Cambridge (the town, preferably, but the university will do in a pinch. I'm just playing with this right now)that could be damaged by a knife? Something that someone might not notice. The idea is to have the characters in the last question do some small bit of damage by throwing the knives, and think they're going to get caught, but don't. If it helps any, neither of these characters is actually FROM England (one is from the Southern US, the other had parents who were traveling missionaries), they've just been there for a while as part of their job training.
Sister Death

Inspired by a previous question:

One of the characters in my fantasy novel seems to be Islamic (I say "seems to" because this is a fantasy setting, but her beliefs seem to have a strong Islamic slant). Currently she is serving out a sentence on an island prison colony, where she has risen to the position of a sort of captain of the guards and surgeon. She is the only person of her faith--or indeed, her species--on the island.

In this sort of environment, it would be difficult for her to keep to the laws of her faith regarding interaction between the sexes, diet, and so forth. Just by way of an example, she is aware that the local brew would probably be safer to drink than the largely polluted and very limited water supply. My question is this: Is there some sort of penance or purging ritual she might be anticipating once her sentence is complete? What are the religious laws regarding extreme situations?

Beyond the Pale - creepy hand

Sources for political theory and practical implementation?

Hi all, I have a problem.

I'm an absolute dunce when it comes to matters of politics, public relations, government, and the practical implementation and results thereof. I mean, I really just don't get it. This makes it difficult for me to even know where to start as far as building government structures in my fantasy worlds. Does anyone have any sources on the subject that can explain such things to me very simply, as if to a child, and that can show me real-life workings of the structures it details? Basically, I need a place to start.

Just to let you in on some details about my stories so you'll have a better idea of what I need - One story is set in a huge empire, with a kind of semi-fuedal structure presided over by an emperor, and also contains a unified religious faction with conciderable power (think catholicism in old europe.) The other, I think has a primarily fuedal overall structure, but the main political issues being dealt with will be within many different factions and breeds of faerie, and should come off as almost mafia-like. Think The Godfather.

Anyway, anything that you can suggest will be much appreciated!
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