March 13th, 2005

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A quick odd question...

Is 'puki' a word in Japanese? If so, what does it mean? Say, if an American character's nickname was 'pooky', would a Japanese character mistake it for something else in THEIR language and be surprised/confused/offended at all?

Thanks ^_^
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Telling prospective partner that you're intersexed

At what point in a relationship is a person who is both intersexed (and anatomically intact) and sterile, going to inform their prospective partner of this fact?

It seems like a really dumb question, but the whole thing really seems truly awkward, and I can imagine how awkward the person must feel.

Would this person have a concept of themselves as "different" in any way, if they grow up in a society without medical illustrations or photos, and they never see another same-gender person without clothes? If they don't see themselves as "different", would there be anything to disclose (apart from the sterility)?
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American High schools

I'm Australian and writing a story about American teenagers, and here are a few (kind of silly) American highschool-related questions that I couldn't google for.

When, usually, is the prom held? Is there a prom every year or is it usually just for the graduating class? What about Homecoming? Do you still even have those?

Do you have school uniform in American high schoools? I read somewhere that you didn't, but it was being introduced.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and I should mention this is for a public school in Massachusettes.


Ok, so I wanted to know something and was referred here.

Does anyone know if someone can consciously repress wet dreams or noctournal admissions? Like, if someone was severely sexually abused as a child and decided that all sex was bad, could they repress wet dreams, too? Any feedback would be helpful.

Arson & Fire.

Is it possible for someone to set a fire so that the outer walls of a wooden house catch fire first?

If not, how would they go about setting a fire that will be the hardest to 'escape'?

I've got two people sitting in a table in the dining room, which is an inside room (not adjacent to an outside wall). What would they notice first? A burning smell? What would that smell like? What would be the definitive sign that the house was on fire? Would they see fire, or see smoke? Or would the smell just get overpowering enough for them to guess?

Basically, I'm arranging it so that my main character gets rescued by a supernatural force, while the other character dies. I had planned for him to notice the house was on fire, only to realize that the blaze was inescapable.
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Word meanings

Are there any words that mean anything like "both sides of the coin" or "the other side" or "the dual sides of nature/mankind/the spirit?" Preferably something of French, or at least Anglo-Saxon/Romantic, origin.

[edit] er, this is for a character name, so I need it to be just one word. And I mean sort of a Jekyll and Hyde connotation, like, the two halves of the soul, or the dual nature of man, that sort of thing.
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As a public school hooligan, born and raised, I have absolutely, positively no idea how homeschooling works. Who teaches, the parents/guardians/tutors/lawn gnomes? How does one officially graduate each grade? How do Advance Placement courses work? What are the biggest differences, education-wise, between it and public schools? What are the drawbacks and the advantages? Would some colleges not accept someone if they were "only" homeschooled?

More specifically, I'm interested in what a high school student's homeschooling experience might be like. I beg of you, edumicate me. D: