March 12th, 2005

Bamboo flute

1. Realistically, could someone carry one on their person for two hundred or more years - a large degree of this race's life expectancy - and *not* lose it? I can't imagine not losing something that I had carried on my person for more than a month...

2. What's involved in caring for a bamboo flute so that it would last that long?

hair dye

Was hair dye commercially available at chemists' shops in London in the early 1960s? Which is to say, would people have been able to buy hair dye at chemists' shops back then (as opposed to a beauty supply store or a hair salon)?

Getting your foot in the door

New to the community, impressed already. :)

My setting is a post-apocalyptic world, where the event that destroyed civilization was a plague that wiped out most of the planet. The ones who survived (about 40 in this particular city) contracted the strain that destroys memory. They've retained language, basic survival instincts (including the human "herd instinct"), and occasionally some if the more deeply ingrained social mores. Not a single one remembers his or her name, or family (though some family ties have been reestablished by inference), or job, or how to operate technology of any kind. There may be one person who can still read.

By the time the story starts, the survivors have already banded into a sort of society led by one man and his presumed wife. The two have proven their fitness for office by now, but for the sake of background how could they first earn the trust of the masses long anough to be listened to?
Professor Knows All!

Studying law in England, living costs.

Hi, first time poster, have been going through the old entries with absolute fascination, so I hope someone can help me out as much as they've helped others.

The basic idea is that I've got a 22-year-old woman who's studying to be a barrister. The story is set in 1979 and she lives in London. She finished school when she was 17, and immediately began studying law. I'm not really sure what kind of pathway one takes to get into that profession in the UK, so I'd really love it if someone could tell me the basic steps that she would have taken after five years of study. Would she have any sort of certificates/qualifications by now? How long does it take before a person gets any practical experience? How long would it be before she would have completed her training and education? I really want to set up a base timeline of her career, so a year-by-year breakdown would be wonderful.
If someone can tell me this info, or point me to a website good for someone with no background in tertiary studies, I will be forever grateful.

Also, as a side-note: At this particular time, would it be feasible for this woman to be living alone and paying for her own studies by doing whatever work she could find and afford, time-wise? Or would it be far more likely that she'd still be living with her parents or in a share-house to split the costs?

Thanks for any help you can send my way!
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