March 11th, 2005

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sinking a yacht

Does anyone have any idea what the best way to sink a yacht would be?  (capsizing it isn't an option in this case)  I was thinking explosion, but I wasn't sure how that'd work.  I suppose if there's a section in the bottom of the yacht to store explosives it could blow a hole in the hull.  Is that feasible?

Got Conversions?

Found this wonderful page of online converters that'll convert anything from distances to clothing sizes in different countries.

Thought it might come in handy for some people here.

Edit: Dig around, there's some good stuff on there, like, one that calculates your weight on other planets.

Asexual psychology

Can anyone contribute some pointers on this? On what it's like? Or even more appropriately, what it's like to sexually mature later in life than most (say, a person who experiences their first attraction - ever - in their thirties)?

This point of view is so alien to me, that it's difficult for me to put myself in another person's shoes to imagine it because sex is pervasive.

The drive seems to underlay so many other human endeavors seemingly having nothing to do with sex.

The teacher crush, the teenage wet dream, the furtively and pathetically trying to impress someone, the awkward first date - these are all milestones of growing up in our culture.

The character involved ends up living much of his early life in a monastery, so he's not in a cultural setting where he is pressured to have sex - although there is some homosexual activity going on around him. However, when he does experience attraction (to a woman; and well into adulthood) I'm sure it really took him by surprise and he wasn't prepared for the other feelings it would stir up.


First question is probably one of the tougher ones I have, but hopefully you all can help. While I have access to the prices of LSD in my area of the US, what about Alaska? I know many things are much more expensive and, therefore, this drug probably is a bit more as well, but I'm not sure.

As I have never consumed this drug personally, I have to ask these questions. Is there a physical withdrawl if regularly taken and then stopped? How long does an average trip last?

Also, how quickly can flashbacks begin after use? This character has a heavy use, but he is fairly young- late teens to early twenties. With flashbacks, are they similiar to a trip or are they short hallucinations?

Tam Lin and Burd Janet fight crime

wedding favors

how long has it been a tradition to give favors to the guests at a wedding party? what would some of those favors have been in (say) 1900-ish? would a middle-class wedding party have commemorated the event with playing cards engraved with the names of the couple getting married?
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Gun cleaning

Because Google sends me to scary, gun-loving, neo-con message boards, can somebody please describe for me in layman's terms how to disassemble and clean a Beretta 92FS pistol? I'm not looking to actually do it, but want to include details of a character doing it while having a conversation.
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Casual bigotry

Here's the sitch:

Character's boss is dining at the home of Character and his partner. I need offensive remarks Boss can make. Now, I can come up with or Google homophobic remarks on my own, but Boss isn't a homophobe. Far from it. He bears no animosity towards gays in general or Character and/or his partner in particular, but he (Boss) is a blowhard who has no social skills and doesn't think before he speaks.

So, what can he say?

If it helps, same-sex marriage is probably recognized in the jurisdiction where Character lives; I've not yet decided if they've availed themselves of this.