March 10th, 2005

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Orchid lifespans and dying in childbirth

What's the average lifespan of your basic orchid? And is it possible for one to live for about twenty-two years, provided it's been properly maintained? One of my characters has an orchid plant that her mother was raising as a memento, as her mother died while giving birth to her and she's never known her, and her uncle has taken care of it for quite some time until she was old enough to. Google hasn't been much help here.

And, while I'm here, I need a quick reason that her mother might have died in childbirth (this is set in the modern day) that would have been fairly sudden and unexpected. I know this popped up once before, but I don't think it made it into the memories.
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Another geeky reference...

Ok, so I need a geeky reference from a show like Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, any kind of nerdy cult-like sci-fi show. I need a reference to an odd food. Like a vegetable.

I want my character to say something like, "Did you know that on (some tv show) they could only eat radishes?" or "On (some show) they didn't have any carrots, they wouldn't grow up on the (space)ship."

Anything at all like this would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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Does anyone write stories that take place in places where they've never been, and/or cultures they are not a part of? For instance, I used to want to write a story about the Inupiat people in Alaska, but decided not to lest I have a faux pas (I've never even met an Inupiat or been to Alaska). It especially makes me nervous to write about other cultures because if I've never spent much time around that culture, I will probably miss the finer points, no matter how much research I do. I think research is good, but no substitute for actually being there (what you read in books tends to leave out the negative stuff/social trends.) If I'm off and someone who's a part of that culture ends up reading the piece, they might get pissed off or think I'm ignorant.



Could someone tell me exactly how one plays jacks? What terminology is used - particularly in Wisconsin or the Boston area (two of the people involved grew up around Boston and they all currently live somewhere in Wisconsin)- and what does the game sequence look like? Does one player keep going until they miss, or do you take turns?

I got a little bit of information from here:, but could really use some more details. I'm trying to write in a game between three undermature adults.
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Post war London question...

Hello, I have a doubt. It was possible for someone take a boat trip on either the Serpentine Lake or the Thames around July of 1945? I gather the city was quite devastated. If not in which places of the countryside you suggest me to do this (speaking about a royal/noble family member)?