March 9th, 2005

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A question on amputees.

I read about people being double amputees (transtibial, knee-bearing and transfemoral - below, with and above the knees) due to landmines etc, who have prosthetic legs and move about with the assistance of canes and so forth, but know very little about the reality.

How easy is it to maintain balance and so forth? Is it more comfortable to be in a wheelchair, or does the usefulness of the prosthetics (in terms of manouverabillity) outweigh the usage? How long can one stay using the prosthetics before needing to sit/remove them? Any issues to look out for?
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Okay, so I have a character who lost his hearing in an accident.

My question is, how long would it take for him to forget what speech sounds like? I'm assuming any noticeable change in his speech wouldn't happen right away, aside from probably volume.

All the information I've looked up on post-lingual deafness just says "over time", and I realise that things like this would vary from situation to situation, but if anyone could provide a reasonable timeframe, that would be great.
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New community

I'm not sure if this would help anyone writing fic, but it might. There's a new community called picture_request and it's a place to find pictures of people/things/places/whatever that you can't seem to find anywhere. You just post and ask something like, "I'm looking for a picture of ____. Does anyone have one or know where to find it?" So, feel free to join. There's not many members now, but I'm sure the membership will grow :-)
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Bullet Wounds?

In my story, there's this girl who's about eight years old who gets shot. When she goes to the hospital, the doctors won't help her because she's of a not well-liked group (in a fictional place). A guy helps her, but I need to know...

a. What kind(s) of bullet wounds can a child receive that won't be fatal?

b. Of these non-fatal wounds, which one(s) are curable by alternate methods other than common hospital methods? The guy who helps her isn't a doctor (he's more like a hospital janitor), so he's not necessarily a medical genius.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

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A white tree?

This is driving me insane, but maybe you guys can help me.

I'm looking for the name of a particular species of tree. It's pretty tall but not thick, and it doesn't grow straight up, but branches outward. I don't think it has any leaves on it, nor do I think it has a trunk. It's white with stripes of black. I could have gotten some of the details wrong, since I'm calling all of this from memory, but if you could give me any information about this tree I'd be most grateful.

Edit: Thanks to your quick and informative replies, I now know that the species I was looking for is a white birch. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out with this question.
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(no subject)

Hi, newbie here. Ze name's Arina, I'm almost 14 (april 18th whoot!). I started writing my book back in October and I'm still not past chapter 4. xx;;

I'm writing a sci-fi novel (takes place in the future and in space) and I got a few questions..

-How long is a lightyear?
-How many lightyears away is Pluto?
-What is the average speed of a spaceship?
-What's a good futuristic year? Currently, I use 2053, but is that too soon?

Thank you in advance!! My book's called "In and out of space." (Yes, very creative. XD)
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There are some things that Google has no answers to.

Long-time lurker coming out of the woodwork with a suitably sadistic question. ^_^'

Google is being unkind to me today - I looked up chemicals and such, but couldn't find anything that could help me. So I came here. This is for an original fiction in which one of the characters is mute - I'll explain below - please help!

Collapse )

I'm sorry about the sadism, I created a character without adequately considering the amount of research I'd need to do. Silly me.

If you help me, I'll love you forever. XD
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Foster Homes!

I have some questions about the foster care system in the United States.

Does the system try to place kids with relatives, even if they live far away, before putting them in foster care? Or, if a kid is removed from their parents, do they automatically get put in foster care?

Let's say a child gets kidnapped and her family mysteriously disappears. The child is held by her kidnappers for years before being recovered. After being recovered, would she be put in foster care? If she was taken away from her home state when kidnapped, would she be returned to her hometown or put in foster care in the nearest town? Or would they try to put her with relatives (i.e. grandparents or aunts/uncles)? (I still have yet to decide if she has any living relatives. I just wonder what'd happen if she does. I'm guessing if she doesn't, she would be put in foster care no matter how you slice it.)

I'm sooo glad I found this community. I frequently wonder about little details.